My Week in Review 1/29

YIKES! I am a day late with this post – but I have a totally good reason! We were in Blowing Rock for the Polar Plunge! More about that coming this week – stay tuned!


Yes, coyotes in our neighborhood.  Seriously. The day we found out, we had to go to the grocery store at night…in the hunting time right? So, off the kids and I walked at night…in the dark….to the truck…so we protected ourselves…We armed ourselves with a golf club and a BB Gun…lol.

And every day when I walked Betsy to the bus stop I take the golf club with me. While the people at the bus stop may be giggling at me, I am ok with that because they won’t be giggling if a coyote does come at us and I take him out with one seriously awesome swing with my nine iron! HA!

Did I Just Move to Seattle?

With all the grey mist, fog, and rain this week I could have sworn I was transplanted to Seattle. I seriously could not live in Seattle…I like my blue sky and sun!

101 in 1001

Sweet! I was able to cross off the “Print out the list of 101” task off my 101 in 1001..because yes, I actually did print it!

Plus, I have also read The Help and Room. Both good books but only 1/5 of what I need to read to accomplish that goal.

I also finished 1 1000 piece puzzle! YEAH! With the help of Reece and Betsy of course. But that completes 1/4 of that goal. Man I still have a lot of goals to accomplish!

Words Used Too Much

I realized I totally overuse the words “Totally” and “Seriously” when I write. Seriously!  But, somehow, I don’t think I will ever stop using those words.


Have a Great Week!


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