Reece Will Always Be My MVP

Reece Will Always Be My MVP

He does it to me everyday. He makes my heart melt. When he smiles, you cannot help but want to hug him, love him. You must know who I am talking about by now right? Right?

Well, it is my son Reece of course!

I love watching Reece play baseball. I don’t care if they win or lose, as long as I get to see my son play. And last night was no different. Or was it?

With the heat index, it was over 100 degrees outside.

They were in the second game of the playoffs.

Reece was playing against some kids who had been giving him a hard time at school.

I wanted Reece to play well. Did it matter if they lost? No, as long as he played his best.

As the pitcher, Reece is under a LOT of pressure. He walks people, it is his fault. And I feel his pressure. Not because I would be disappointed if he walked a bunch of people, but because I want him to succeed in what he enjoys.

Reece was sweating bullets, his face was red, he kept wiping the sweat from his face, and his clothes were sticking to him it was so hot and humid. But, he put 110% effort into playing last night he was a ROCKSTAR last night!

Just check out the fly ball he caught when he was playing pitcher!

The pitcher they were up against was a F.A.S.T pitcher – SUPER FAST. This kid was striking our batters out a lot…or hitting them because although he was fast, he wasn’t very accurate. The batter before Reece was hit with the ball. Reece told me later he was nervous about being hit when he went to bat.


But check out this hit!!! Gets to second base and brings in two runs!!!



Unfortunately, sometimes even when you work hard, sometimes you just don’t win, and in this case, we didn’t win.

The saying “It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, what matters is how you play the game” fits perfectly in this situation.

I am so happy Reece found something that he truly, from the bottom of his heart, enjoys doing.

I fully enjoy watching him play. He warms my heart. He makes me smile.

Reece will always be my MVP!

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