Betsy Says Goodbye to Her Mimi

Betsy Says Goodbye to Her Mimi

This is one of those posts I don’t want to write, but I am going to.

Last week Cancer took my Mom from us. Although we knew she was sick, the timing was quite a surprise and so we are still in shock. We are in pain, disbelief, and just trying to make it through the day, the hour, the minute.

However, one thing that gives me comfort is knowing that my Mom knows just how much her Grandchildren love her. I know she is sitting up on a cloud in Heaven waving down at us and wishing she could play one more game with my kids. I spoke at the funeral, which was difficult, but I did it.

When I told Betsy (my 9 year old daughter) that I was going to speak, she wrote something she wanted me to read. When I read what she wrote, I could not believe this came from my beautiful little girl. She is beautiful inside and out and I am so proud of her. I know Mimi is proud of her also.

Betsy Says Goodbye to Her Mimi

“I love Mimi. She filled my heart with joy and happiness. We would go there once a week to visit her and my Grandfather. My Mimi, my brother, and I would play a game every time we would go over there. Our favorites were Rumikube and Pictionnary.  I was thinking about how she felt. Was she in pain? When I saw her in the hospital I knew she was in a lot of pain. Now that she’s gone in Heaven with God and Jesus she does not hurt anymore.

So think of this – She is in a better place and is in no pain. We all loved her and she loved us. She was a very classy lady. I know it is a sad time for us right now, but we will fight through it. She is watching after us. So when you think she’s gone she’s not. She is right beside you every second. We would watch a movie or even watch a show like The Middle together.

Nobody can believe she is gone. She is here but in our hearts. God and Jesus will take care of her and take the pain away. I loved Mimi, we all loved her.



A Nine Year old beautiful little girl wrote that. If you never had the chance to meet my Mom, then you missed meeting the best woman in the world. I feel so fortunate and privileged to have her as a Mom.

I love you Mom…I miss you.

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