I Owe Reece 20 Bucks

I Owe Reece 20 Bucks

Seriously…I owe Reece 20.00!

I love watching Reece play baseball. The kid can hammer the ball when he wants to. He is a power house. But he and I always bet before each game. Call it my competitiveness, call it fun, call it whatever you want but we make bets before each game.

Tuesday was the first playoff game. I bet him 20.00 he could not get to second base on a hit. I was wrong. I owe Reece 20.00.

When watching this video, you will also hear random and quite odd inspirations coming out of my mouth and Jenny’s mouth.

“Be the penny” – Came from when Reece saw a penny before the game and picked it up “for good luck” he said.

“Hit the Fence” – Comes from the fact that I KNOW he could hit the fence with that ball.

“Be the Fence” – Accidently said instead of “Hit the fence” by Jenny at one of the games and now it has stuck as a motivational saying for us!

Watch the video and see Reece knock that ball!



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