Reece is a Black Belt and Betsy is Ready to Fight

Reece is a Black Belt and Betsy is Ready to Fight

At the beginning of Summer, Reece took his all important Black Belt Test.

Was he ready for the Black Belt?

Reece joined karate 7 years ago and was with the same Sensei, Jarrod, for the first 5.5 years. Then, unexpectedly, Jarrod was replaced by not one, but three different Sensai’s, who all taught different things, but the biggest thing lacking, in my opinion, was the absolute lack of respect and self control of the children. These new teachers never stressed the importance of respect for the teachers, parents, friends, and most importantly, themselves. The kids were out of control, talking, playing, it was like having my children at a playground, not at a karate class.

But Reece still had to test for his Black Belt…even though the new teachers never taught any of the brown belt kata’s, they were never taught one step sparring, Japanese words, nothing that was going to be on this test. But Reece buckled down, searched the internet, and found what he needed to learn in order to pass the Black Belt test.

And pass he did.

My son is now a Black Belt in karate….at 13.

And what do you know, Jarrod, Reece’s original Sensei is teaching karate again in the north part of Mecklenburg County! Of course, we went back to Jarrod!

Betsy started karate the session before Jarrod initially left, so she was only able to learn from him for one quarter. I feel bad for her because she missed out on learning initial kata’s and moves basic to karate. Luckily, since Jarrod was such a good teacher, Reece taught Betsy everything she needed to know. She is now a Blue Belt and trains with Jarrod.

She also apparently is ready to fight Jarrod too. Although it’s not called “fighting” in karate, it’s called “sparring”. But Betsy can hold her own against Jarrod, and I can’t wait to see what else she can accomplish under his teaching.

She needs more work in sparring, sometimes she is afraid of getting hurt. While the point of sparring is not to actually hurt your opponent, she is still afraid sometimes…But I know she will come around. She will gain the self confidence she needs in sparring from Sensei Jarrod and I could not ask for a better karate teacher for her.

The whole reason Betsy wanted to learn karate in the first place was because one of her cousins was beat up. She wanted to be able to defend herself. While I am sorry she feels like she will need to defend herself at some point, I am really glad she wants to learn how to….just in case.

If you want to know more about Sensai Jarrod and his karate classes, send me an email and I can give you all the details!

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