Sometimes Karma is a….

Sometimes Karma is a…..well you know the rest.

My soccer club has been trying to get more teams to play on Friday nights, but it seems as if there is one team that makes new teams not want to come back. I mean, they played a new team last week and when asked how the game was their reply was, “It’s good to have new meat to push around.Are you kidding me? But it doesn’t surprise me. This is the team that seems to think they are playing for an Olympic Medal or something.

So last night we have to play that team. UGH. It is my first week back in two weeks and we have to play this team of all of them? The ones that can’t handle losing? The ones that cry to the ref when they are losing? The ones that knock all my teammates in the walls? Trip them? Cuss at them?

Look, I am in no mood to put up with people whom the most important thing in their life is beating another team in soccer. It just isn’t that important to me. Seriously. I wish the only thing I had of importance to worry about was a stupid game of soccer. I like to win. I do. But I don’t care if I lose….except to this team. Because losing to a bunch of women thugs who have poor sportsmanship really ticks me off. They actually don’t deserve to win.

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But last night was their payback I guess. You see, we kicked their behinds in the Finals last season. Oh yea. And they were MAD.

So last night they placed someone directly in front of my goal and she immediately scored 6 goals on me. UGH. I suppose they thought the only way they could win was to play this strategy. It worked.  But as soon as we figured out their strategy they didn’t score any more.

But here is the thing…They were winning, but they continued to purposely knock my teammates into walls, trip them, cuss at them and say bad things under their breathes about my teammates. There is one girl that does this all the time. All the time. She is the one that refuses to shake our hands after a game unless they win. She is the one that is always cussing and purposely tripping my teammates.

So when a soccer ball from another field came flying onto our field and hit her in the head, although I don’t want anyone to get hurt, can you guess my first thought?

Karma is a……Like I said…You know the rest.

People pay for what they do, and still more, for what they have allowed themselves to become.  And they pay for it simply: by the lives they lead.  ~Edith Wharton “

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