Fun For the Day? Visit the Children’s Museum In Greenville!

Fun For the Day? Visit the Children’s Museum In Greenville!

On our trip to Greenville, SC we had the pleasure of visiting The Children’s Museum in Greenville, SC.

One of the largest Children’s Museums in the country, The Children’s Museum is situated on three floors with more than 19 hands on exhibits!

The Children's Museum Greenville, SC

When you walk in, it is hard to decide what to do first, but Reece & Betsy made the decision for us! When you walk in, there is a climbing structure that looks more like a piece of art than something to climb on! And that was the first thing they wanted to do. So off Reece, Betsy, and Mel went. Oh! I didn’t tell you – All of the exhibits in the Children’s Museum are “adult” friendly – which means WE, the parents, do not have to just sit and watch our kids explore, we can join them in the fun!

The Children's Museum Greenville, SC

Once the kids (yes Mel too!) were through climbing, started exploring all the different exhibits! Here I will just highlight a few.

3, 2, 1, Blast Off!

This exhibit explores all aspects of flying from airplanes to spaceships! The wind tunnel was so much fun. Prior to walking in you can attach ribbons to yourself so that when the wind starts blowing, you can see just how powerful the wind actually is!

The Children's Museum Greenville, SC

And let’s not forget about the Giant Space Ship with Command Center. Inside the space ship you can simulate landing and taking off in a space shuttle. I took control of the landing gear and I was going to land that space shuttle!!!

The Children's Museum Greenville, SC

Let’s just say, you are lucky I am not in control of landing the space shuttle – I tried three times with no luck!

Reedy River Bend

Definitely one of the more popular exhibits for Reece, the Reedy River Bend is an “interactive system of pulleys, pumps, wheels and pipes that demonstrate how we manipulate the multifunctional power of water”.

The Children's Museum Greenville, SC

Reece and Betsy (and me!) would pull, push, and pump water through the exhibit as well as add and remove piping to see how water can be manipulated into going where you want it to go!

The Children's Museum Greenville, SC

WTCM Studios

WOW! Talk about cool! You can become a reporter, a meteorologist, a singer, a director, just about anything you want to in the WTCM Studios! The first thing you do when you walk in is decide what you actually want to do, then you get to “dress up” for the part. Reece decided to report on Martians invading Greenville and Betsy reported the sunny weather! Reece and Betsy sat behind a reporters desk with a “green screen” behind them. Once “recording” started the teleprompter displayed what they needed to say so it was like a real television studio! When you get through recording, you go into the “sound room” to view your video and then, if you like it, you can purchase it in the gift shop for 5.00.

Check out Reece reporting on Martians!
Check out Betsy reporting the weather!
You could spend hours upon hours at The Children’s Museum in Greenville. I just barely touched on all of the exhibits.

Other exhibits include:

Garage Rock

BI-LO Market

Talkin’ Trash

Construction Zone

Start Your Engines

Children’s Hospital

and more!

The Children's Museum Greenville

The Children’s Musuem also has weekly events and you can even have your birthday party there!

And actually, from the Charlotte area you could even drive down there for the day and it would totally be worth it!

Find The Children’s Museum on Facebook and Twitter!

Find more things to do in Greenville by visiting the Greenville Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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