Maggie Gave Me the Bird Today and other Not So Friendly Happenings

You hear about it all the time…Southern Hospitality. North and South Carolina are supposed to be the heart and soul of Southern Hospitality.

PFFFFT…Not today.

1. My friend is hiring for his business. Today, he had an interview set up for 11:30. At 11:40 the person still wasn’ t there so he called her.

“Hello, is this June (real name hidden for embarrassment reasons)?” my friend asked.

“Yes,” June replied.

“This is XYZ from XYZ we had an appointment today at 11:30, did you forget?”


Oh yes, you heard me right. She HUNG UP ON HIM.


2. I was at Lowe’s Foods picking up some of my favorite drink. When I walked out, the car next to me was running and was parked a little too close to my truck. I waited for the passenger to get in.

As she opened the door she slammed her car door into my door, immediately shut her door, and the driver rode away.


No, “I am sorry” “Oops” – Nothing – Kinda like a mini hit and run.


3. I get home and let Maggie (dog) out. Within 1 minute she is at my back door with a bird in her mouth. Clearly she doesn’t have much Southern Hospitality.

Maggie gave me the bird.

Southern Hospitality took a break today it seems.

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