Chesterfield County Animal Control Shoots 22 Dogs

Chesterfield County Animal Control Shoots 22 Dogs

The Chesterfield Animal Control Shelter shoots 22 dogs.

The Chesterfield Animal Control Shelter is being accused of shooting 22 dogs. SHOOTING 22 Dogs. Apparently a volunteer came in one day, saw a bunch of empty cages and asked why. She was directed to the dump site across the street from the animal shelter where she dug up two dogs who had been shot and buried.

We all know that there are hundreds of dogs and cats that are euthanized on a daily basis. People do not spay and neuter their animals which causes an over abundance of animals. People decide they “just don’t want” their animals and hand them over to animal shelters. Some animals are violent, some don’t have a rabies immunization and bite someone so they have to be put down. There are many, many reasons animals are euthanized.

When I lived in California I volunteered at the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter which is a “no-kill” shelter. But, they still had to put animals down under certain situations.

“Tippy,” a pit bull mix, was one of my favorite dogs there. I would have adopted him if I wasn’t living in an apartment. When he came in, he had been “tagged” by a gang. He was shaved and had the gangs name spray painted on him. But he was a very loving, well behaved dog that loved women, but didn’t like men very well.

Tippy & Me at MV Animal Shelter

*Me & Tippy at the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter

One day two gardeners were yelling at each other at the shelter and a volunteer accidentally let Tippy out of his cage without a leash. Tippy ran over to the gardener who was yelling the loudest and bit his rear end. Tippy did not break the skin, but he bit someone. Unprovoked, he bit someone. Because of his breed, where he came from, and the unprovoked bite, the shelter thought it was in the best interest of the city to put Tippy down. And they did. By lethal injection. I was very sad. I was mad. I did not think it had to go that far, but at the same time, I can’t fault the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter for following the rules.

“Buff” was a 4 week old Aussie Mix. The cutest little puff ball you have ever seen. Because she was so young, she needed a “foster” family so I brought her home with me. My parents fell in love with her. On the first day I noticed she was scratching a lot. On the second day I noticed she was scratching so much she was losing her fur.

Buff, 4 week Old Puppy

* Buff, a dog that could have been saved

By this time, my parents were convinced they wanted to adopt her. But when I called the shelter to tell them about “Buffs” condition they told me to bring her in (they were still the rightful owners). The next thing I know she was put in the medical ward because she had “sarcoptic mange”. If you don’t know anything about it, sarcoptic mange is a like “scabies” for dogs. It is highly contagious to other animals and humans as well. An infected dog must be isolated from other animals and the treatment can last several weeks, be very expensive, and doesn’t always work.

The shelter informed me that if Buff did not start showing improvement in the next couple of days, they were going to put her down. I told my parents and they immediately said they wanted to adopt her NOW! But, because Buff was sick, the shelter would not allow it. My parents said they would take care of Buff and get her the treatment she needed in order to recover. The shelter said no and put her down two days later. By lethal injection.

This time, I was more than mad. Here they had a good family that would have taken care of this puppy, given it the medical treatment it needed (out of their own pocket!), given it a fantastic home, but instead, they needed to cover their own behinds and took the easy path by putting the dog down. They used lethal injection to put Buff down. That was one of the last weeks I volunteered there.

What infuriates me about the Chesterfield Animal Control Shelter is not that they had to euthanize dogs. I mean, I don’t like it, but I know it has to be done because of irresponsible dog owners and cities and tax payers just cannot afford to pay and house all those animals. What infuriates me is they way they did it. SHOOTING 22 dogs. SHOOTING.

The Chesterfield Animal Control got rid of their gas chamber last year and is supposed to euthanize dogs by lethal injection. But, I guess that was too much work, so they hauled the dogs off to a dump site, shot them in the head and buried them. It was like shooting fish in a bucket.

They had a choice. And to make matters worse, City Council Member Douglas Curtis said this to WBTV:

“I would like to turn this into a positive thing instead of a negative thing..if people would spay and neuter their pets we wouldn’t have the predicament we have,” Curtis said.

I really have a few choice words for him. Instead, I will just say he really ought to think about what comes out of his mouth.

The “predicament” they are in is not over euthanizing animals. Most people know that is a fact and has to happen.

The “predicament” is this:

The Chesterfield Animal Control Shelter picked up a gun instead of a needle. They acted like backwoods, 19th century gunslingers, with a little Michael Vick mixed in.

Mr. Curtis, had they euthanized these 22 dogs by lethal injection like they were supposed to do, they would not be in this predicament. This would not be a news story. Don’t you dare try to blur the lines of what the real “story” is.

It is not about euthanizing dogs. It is about how they euthanized them.

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