Easy Craft Snowy Mason Jar Winter Candle Craft

Easy Craft Snowy Mason Jar Winter Candle Craft

While it’s cold outside, why not try your hand at this easy craft Snowy Mason Jar Winter Candle Craft?

This is a super easy craft even for the non-crafty. Decorate your mason jar in any way you want. Be creative!

What  You Will Need:
* Mason Jars
* Glue Gun
* Twine, Jute, or Ribbon
* Sparkle Spray
* Bells, Brads, Stickers, Rhinestones
* Epsom Salt
* Candles (real or battery operated)


1. Go outside and spray the twine with Sparkle Spray to give it a “glistening” look, let dry.

2. After it is dry, wrap the twine around the mouth of the mason jar, gluing parts of it to the jar using your glue gun.

3. Glue bells and stickers and rhinestones (that can be found in the “scrapbooking” section of your local craft store) to the twine. You can use any decorations you like to ‘fancify’ your mason jar!

4. Once all the glue dries, add your snow (Epsom Salt) and candles.

Voila! You now have Snowy Mason Jar Candles!

snowy mason jar candle craft

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