DIY Wall Art For Kids

DIY Wall Art For Kids

Looking for a fun project? Check out these DIY wall art for kids!

Well, not only for kids, this DIY wall art can be done by everyone. Even me. The most expensive part of this wall are is actually the canvases themselves. But, here is a few tips on getting them for less.

Look for them at thrift stores – Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, etc. Look in the picture section you may very well find a blank canvas.

Look at garage sales – lots of people buy canvases with the intent on using them, but end up not using them. (cough…cough….I will raise my hand here!)

CouponsA.C. Moore ALWAYS has a coupon for 50% off one regular price item – Get your canvas then!

All three of these pictures were created by my daughter. The only help she wanted from me was a drive to the craft store.

All of the wall art created used the same basic supplies:
Mod Podge
Masking tape (thick and thin)
Paint brushes

Chevron Wall Art

1. Using the thick masking  tape, tape a chevron pattern on the canvas.
2. Place mod podge on the areas not covered in masking tape.
3. Cover the mod podge in glitter.
4. Let dry and hang.

DYI Wall Art

Abstract Wall Art

1. Using the thin masking tape, tape any pattern you like on the canvas.
2. Paint over the canvas, even onto the tape.
3. Let dry.
4. Remove the masking tape, let dry, and hang.

DIY Wall Art

Paint Splatter Wall Art

1. Paint the canvas with mod podge.
2. Cover it in clear or opalescent glitter.
3. Place the paint covered brush on the canvas making a “blob”
of paint, then swish your hand, thereby creating paint splatter.
4. Let dry and hang.

DIY Wall Art

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