No Sew Craft – Pillow

No Sew Craft – Pillow

This is an easy and fun way no sew craft to dress up a pillow without spending a lot of money or time.

There is no sewing involved, and best of all, you can do it together!

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What You’ll Need for the No Sew Craft:

2 square pillows of your choice

2 coordinating ribbon spools, 1 ½ – 2 inches thick

2 silk flowers of your choice, coordinated with ribbon

Extra embellishments of your choice, such as thin coordinating ribbon, bead strings, etc.

Low heat glue gun and glue sticks


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  1. Wrap a pillow with ribbon as if it were a present, making sure to leave approximately 6 inches extra on each side for the tails. You can make the ribbon as tight or loose as you’d like around the pillow dependent upon your preference, but make sure to knot it well so the tails will flow nicely.
  2. Take a strand of the opposite coordinating ribbon, approx. 9 inches long and secure into the existing knot, tying tightly. You may cut the coordinating ribbon into smaller strips after they’re secured or add a few more strands, whichever you choose.
  3. Repeat with any embellishments you selected, making sure to securely tie them to the existing center knot.
  4. Cut off the stem of the silk flower as low as possible and apply about a half dollar size amount of hot glue onto the back. Firmly press the flower down onto the center of the pillow where the existing knots are. Press and hold for about 1 minute until flower feels secure. Brush out all ribbon tails with your fingers and Viola! A pretty and fun pillow! No-Sew Easy!
  5. Now repeat all steps with the second pillow. However, make sure to use the opposite coordinating ribbon to wrap the pillow and use a different flower for a similar, yet fresh look.

no sew craft, no sew pillow craft, no sew

*This article first appeared in our June/July 2012 issue of my magazine, City Unwrapped, and was written by Danielle Nicholson.

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