DIY Key Wind Chime

DIY Key Wind Chime

You can make your own key wind chime if I can!

Seriously, you all know me. How will I ever make a key wind chime? While I would love to be a master crafter and DIYer, most of the time I just don’t have the patience…or time. However, a couple years ago I read about making a key wind chime and my first thought was, “Where the heck would I get all the keys I needed”. Then I thought, I don’t have time for that. I can’t do that, but as you can see below, I did make my own key wind chime. It did take some patience and time, but I did it and it was totally worth it.

Why was I so laser focused on making this wind chime….specifically, a key wind chime. My Uncle Howard passed away from complications from pancreatic cancer. That man was a DIY man all the way. He would make all sorts of cool things out of wood, he even sent me a hand made birdhouse and I used that thing until the weather eventually took it down…after at least 10 years. Anyway, when he passed away, I had all of his keys. They were sitting in a drawer…doing nothing. And then – BOOM! I thought, let me make this darn Key Wind Chime!

What you will need:
Old keys
Spray paint
Wire hanger
Clear jewelry making cord (similar to fishing line, but easier to knot and does not kink)
Burlap ribbon
Ring from a canning jar
Ring from a key chain
Glue gun


  1. Place the keys on a wire hanger and hold it away from you.With your other hand, spray paint the keys. Let the keys fully dry.key wind chime
  2. Once dry, tie the keys onto the jewelry cord using a knot.
  3. Add your beads. Double knot the cord, add the beads, then if you want more beads, make another knot higher up on the cord and add more beads.
  4. Tie the opposite end of the cord to the canning jar ring. Once all the keys are tied to the ring, space them evenly around the ring.Key Wind Chime
  5. Wrap the burlap ribbon around the ring and the cords tied to the ring and use a hot glue gun to glue it in place. I found this step easier when two people were helping. One person moving the keys in the right place, while the other person would glue the burlap.
  6. Glue other beads or stones onto the burlap covered ring for more decoration.Key Wind Chime
  7. To add a “hook” to the wind chime, Cut two long pieces of jewelry cord, loop it through the ring from a key chain and knot it.Key Wind Chime
  8. You will have four loose cords. Tie each one of those evenly spaced to the ring. If they are not evenly spaced, your wind chime will be crooked.
  9. Once the hook is on, you will be able to place your Key Wind Chime outside and when the wind blows, you will hear the clinking of your key wind chime.

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