Repurpose Old Teacups and Spoons

Repurpose Old Teacups and Spoons

It is easy to repurpose old teacups and spoons and turn them into your own little shabby chic herb garden!

What You Will Need

Mismatched teacups & saucers – You can find these at estate sales or any of the antique shops in our area!

Old spoons – It’s not quite as easy finding old spoons as you might think, but you can find them at the same places you can find the teacups.

Mallat – Or something like a mallet. You need this so that when you flatten the spoons, you don’t dent them too much.

Letter/Number Stamping Set – I found mine at the local craft store in the jewelry section.

Variety of herbs or small flowers, potting soil, hammer


1. Place your spoon on a hard, flat surface (like a piece of wood). Hold the bottom and use the mallet to flatten the top part of the spoon.

2. Using your stamping set, stamp the name of your plant with your hammer one letter at a time. If you want to make the letters show up more, you can use a thin permanent marker to outline the letters.

3. Plant your herbs or small flowers in your teacups.

4. Place your stamped spoons in your teacups.

You will end up with a very cute, shabby chic herb garden!

Repurpose Old Spoons and Cups

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