What Can You Do With Old Bottle Caps?

What Can You Do With Old Bottle Caps?

There are so many things people can do with old bottle caps, but I am not creative enough to think of bottle cap projects myself so I have to search the web!

This past weekend I went to an estate sale and found a ton of old bottle caps. I listed most of them on Ebay, but am saving more than half of them for my sister because she is making a bottle cap table!

Pepsi Light Bottle Caps

pepsi light bottle caps, vintage pepsi light bottle caps, vintage pepsi bottle caps

I had never even heard of Pepsi Light before, but apparently they called it Pepsi Light before they called it Diet Pepsi.

Nehi Grape Bottle Caps and Nehi Orange Bottle Caps

Vintage nehi orange bottle caps, vintage Nehi grape bottle caps

Never, Ever, have I heard of Nehi. Have you?

And then of course you have the usual suspects:

7 Up Bottle Caps and Sprite Bottle Caps

Mountain Dew Bottle Caps

Fresca Bottle Caps

But what else can you do with old bottle caps?  Check out these 5 cool things you can make with bottle caps!

Bottle Cap Snake

Bottle Cap snakeEtsy – Mashed Potato Mosaics

Bottle Cap Flower

Bottle Cap FlowerThe Experimental Crafter

Bottle Cap Bird House

Bottle Cap Bird HouseKids Stuff World

Bottle Cap Magnets

Bottle Cap MagnetsWhimsey Love

Bottle Cap Candles

bottle cap candlesCraftaholics Anonomous

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