Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Edmonton

Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Edmonton

Edmonton is the chief town of Alberta, and it stretches along the North Saskatchewan River banks. The economic forces that helped shape the city include the 1897 Klondike gold rush, early fur trade, Alaska Highway, cross-Canada railway, and the oil and gas business. The economic prosperity of the city has led to the investment in art and culture. This is the reason they have built excellent museums and theaters. However, the city’s greatest fame arose from the Edmonton Mall, which is among the greatest leisure and shopping centers around the globe. Even in the winter cold, shoppers are still enticed to linger around the mall. Here are the top attractions of Edmonton city.


1. Royal Alberta Museum

This is a mixture of natural and permanent history, and the ever-changing, temporary installations. In this site, you will find the fossils of the ice age and the dinosaur eras, native fish aquaria, and live insect’s species that include enormous and exotic species. It is located on 12845 102 Ave NW, Edmonton.

2. Elk Island National Park and Beaver Hills

This park is situated in a wooded area with wetlands and lakes. It is home to many kinds of wildlife including the beaver, elk, moose, and deer. The prime attraction of this area is the large herd of buffaloes that graze over a special enclosure. When you drive through the park, you will not fail to notice these massive beasts.

3. West Edmonton Mall

This is Canada’s biggest shopping center, and it’s also among the world’s largest malls, and it is an important tourist attraction site. It houses hundreds of shops and restaurants, movie theaters, a hotel, Water Park, ice rink and many other unique features. The mall’s Galaxyland is among the grandest amusement parks in the globe, and it includes the famous triple-loop roller coaster.

4. Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

This place is located along the Yellowhead Highway. The Cultural Heritage Village was established in the 1970s. It is an open-air museum that preserves the cultural heritage of the immigrants from Ukraine and Bukovina who settled in Alberta in the 1890s.

Edmonton Ukrainian VillagePhoto Credit: Lynda Olson

5. Fort Edmonton Park

This is an open-air museum with lots of old buildings reconstructed to show Edmonton’s historical evolution. It features a typical 1846 fort that belongs to Hudson Bay’s company, an 1885 street from a pioneer town, a 1905 up-and-coming provincial capital, and buildings from the 1920s.

6. Muttart Conservatory

These four pyramid-shaped hothouses north of Saskatchewan house far-traveled and rare plant species. Each pyramid has a distinct environment that represents a different biome of the world from the tropical Fiji and Burma climate to the temperate pavilion of the American redwoods.

7. Legislature Building

It stands in the middle of a park-like garden that held the last Fort Edmonton. The building has a beautiful view from the terrace across the North Saskatchewan River.

Edmonton Legislature

8. Art Gallery of Alberta

Found on Sir Winston Churchill Square is a twisting, modernist building, the Alberta Art Gallery. It features traveling and changing exhibits, and it has a collection of over 6,000 pieces of art.

9. Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin

This museum is located at a distance of one hour by car in a little town known as Wetaskiwin. The main attraction here is the Reynolds-Alberta Museum that is dedicated to motor vehicle and aircraft construction. It has open-air displays of veteran aircraft, old agricultural machinery, and vintage motorcycles.

10. K Days

The K Days, a ten-day festival, is the greatest event in Edmonton’s calendar. It is held annually at the end of July. The event features dancing parties, street parties, gold panning, live entertainment and many more activities.

11. Edmonton Valley Zoo

This zoo focuses on research into threatened animal species. Opened in 1959, it is home to over 350 animal species, both exotic and indigenous. Animals here are always out interacting with visitors. The children’s’ amusement includes a carousel, paddle boats, and a miniature train.

Edmonton is a city that is full of interesting places to visit both for the single traveler and for a family. There are lots of websites where you can learn more about travelling to Edmonton such as Hipmunk.Com. When booking your accommodation in Edmonton hotels, ensure it is a reputable hotel.


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