The Upcountry History Museum in Greenville, SC

The Upcountry History Museum in Greenville, SC

On our first day we headed over to The Upcountry History Museum.

Greenville, SC is a city as beautiful as it is rich in history.  As this was our first time really visiting Greenville, I was really surprised at the beauty that surrounded us.

Downtown Greenville, SC

The first stop we made was to the Greenville Convention & Visitors Bureau where we obtained a visitors guide that was full of things to do, places to eat, shopping, and more!

Because the Greenville Convention & Visitors Bureau is located in downtown Greenville we were able to see some of the beautiful buildings, churches, and before we even started exploring!


On our first day we headed over to The Upcountry History Museum.

Upcountry History Museum

I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of detail this offered. When you first walk in, it is like walking into another time and place.


Once you are in, the first thing you should do is take advantage of the Introduction movie. Approximately 15 minutes long this movie details the history of the “Upstate” and Greenville itself. From its Cherokee Nation roots all the way to the present day. My kids, who are 8 & 11, were able to sit through and understand this movie with no problem!

Then it was off to explore this magnificent museum! Although it is not a huge museum, The Upcountry History Museum was full of hands on and interactive activities for everyone! Situated on two floors, the entryway gives us a look at what Greenville may have looked like in the past. The pigs and farmer figures were definitely a hit with my kids!

The Upcountry History Museum


There were life like figures, like who, when a button is pressed,  tell their own history.  Several exhibits upstairs had my family and I busy! There were murals, audio recordings, and even hands on exhibits where you could even test out your skills as a textile worker!

The Upcountry History Museum, Greenville, SC,

The Upcountry History Museum

We had a great time at The Upcountry History Museum and would definitely return and if you haven’t been there yet, definitely put it on your list of things to do!

Come back in the next few days for even more adventures in Greenville!

For even more attractions, check out the Greenville Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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