Snow in Charlotte! Take a Cue from the Dogs – Have Fun!

We love snow here in Charlotte, NC, because we do not get it very often, but people freak out here!  I am not an NC native, as a matter of fact, I am from Southern California a place that never sees snow…but even I don’t raid the grocery stores for milk and bread when a snow storm is coming!

moms 058

I went to Walmart yesterday and had to laugh. I was just returning a shirt for my son and thought I would pick up some cocoa for my kids but I might as well have been walking through a Beatles Reunion Concert it was so crowded! The aisles were STRIPPED of food! Everyone was scrambling to fill their cupboards for the Blizzard of 2011 that was approaching. Oh yea, that’s right – it wasn’t a was (so far) 4 inches of snow. HA HA


We should all take a cue from dogs…and relax and have some fun in the snow! I know my dogs had a lot of fun!

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