Untangled Salon in Cornelius….What Will They Do To Me?

Untangled Salon in Cornelius….What Will They Do To Me?

So tomorrow I am heading to Untangled Salon in Cornelius, NC to get my hair done….And yes, I am afraid. You see, getting my hair cut is a big deal to me. In my head, I know what I want it to look like. Not a soccer mom…not a poodle, no ‘bob’ for this rock chick at heart. But, not too “out there”. I mean, I am the owner and editor of the new Charlotte area magazine, City Unwrapped. I would like to look professional, but with a little kick. Does that make sense?

This is me today:

(Well, not TODAY..actually Sunday, but you get the picture.)

As you can see…or maybe not…I am two toned. Brown on top…blonde on the bottom. When I got my hair done last time (not at Untangled) I said “I would like some of the darker color to come all the way down…because I hate the division in my hair.”

And what happened…She put 12 foils of HIGHLIGHTS in my hair…no low lights…so I am still two toned. UGH.

Getting your hair cut is kind of a big deal…at least it is to me…because I have found my hair seems to attract two types of hair styles. Bobs…and poodles.

This is what I look like a lot when I come out of a salon…and no, I am not at a pet groomer, but they like to make me “poodle-ish”:

Or, they give me a bob and make my hair corn yellow….seriously:

Sometimes they want my hair dark brown…no thanks….

And sometimes they think I want to get the “beauty queen” look….I am so far from a beauty queen it is not even funny.

While I said I wanted a little “kick” to my style, I am guessing pink is too much…ummmm…yea:

So, tomorrow we shall see what Untangled Salon has in store for me…I am excited because after speaking with Lori (the owner) and Courtney (the stylist) they really sound like they know what they are talking about…

Check back to see what I end up with!

Untangled Salon

(704) 895-9300

8305-8 Magnolia Plaza
Cornelius, NC 28031

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