#DCQuake Felt in Charlotte & Twitter is On Fire!

So, being from California I KNOW what an earthquake feels like. As I was sitting here, my desk was shaking and I could hear the bells tinging. And I thought, “Man this feels like an earthquake, but no way.” I look down to see if my dog is bumping my desk and she wasn’t and then it stopped. Phew, see I knew it wasn’t an earthquake!!

10 minutes later the news is flashing DC earthquake that was felt up and down the eastern seaboard!!! I KNEW IT!

Now that it is over,Twitter is ON FIRE with people tweeting about the earthquake…but not only about the earthquake – but also some pretty funny stuff! So far these are the most humorous tweets:

@Placecaster: East coast: freaking out over #DCquake. West coast: sending snide tweets. Midwest: still working hard. (P.S. neither coast can handle snow)

@ShepardSmithFOX: Maybe the #DebtCeiling finally collapsed #DCQuake #BreakingNews”

@forrestkoba: I just gave @dcquake +K about scaring the east coast half to death on @klout.

@meghan_stowell was that an earthquake or did i just rock your world #dcquake

@anthropocon: I think it’s #ZOMGEVERYBODYPANIC RT @FixAaron: OK, so what are we calling this? #Quakemageddon? #DCQuake? #CapitolQuake?

@MaxPowerJunior #dcquake the president and congress decide to add an extra month to there vacation for “safety reasons”

@Rebs11: I just unlocked the “Ran Out Of My Office Building Screaming Bloody Murder” badge on @foursquare! @DCquake #earthquake

@JonahSeiger The #dcquake was centered on a newly discovered DC-area fault which the House GOP has officially named Obama’s Fault.

“@JojoAndReagan: If we all just help each other pick up our lawn furniture, we can get through this.”

HA! I could go on and on and on! Head on over to Twitter and follow the hashtag #dcquake! Not only will there be funny tweets, but also great information.

I am not making light of the situation, all natural disasters are serious, and I do hope everyone is OK. I just think it is funny how Twitter got all excited!


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