Reasons to Speak Up

Reasons to Speak Up

Most of us are afraid to be the lone wolf in the forest making noise. However, more often than not, it’s important to speak up when you have something to say. Most of us dislike confrontation. However, sometimes confrontation is a necessary part of doing what’s right.

Put What’s Right First

Speaking up can be a scary experience. We worry about the repercussions of doing something bold. More often than not, fear will win and we end up saying nothing. You may need to say something about the gifts online for her, but fear you’ll make waves. However, the feelings we hold hostage in our hearts can eat away at us, doing more harm than good. We need to have the courage to speak up for the sake of doing what’s right. It’s much more pleasant to keep our mouths shut and go along with whatever’s going on, but it’s not right.

Others May be In the Dark

Another compelling reason to speak up is to let other people know what’s going on. You never know if your courage to speak the truth will enlighten others who are in the dark about something. Speaking up often benefits everyone. Sometimes it takes someone willing to shine a light on something that may be hidden from others for them to see the truth about a situation.

Others May Think the Same Thing

Sometimes, everyone may know the truth but fear speaking it. In these situations, it’s good to be the one with enough courage to stand up with honesty. This may encourage others who feel the same way to stand behind you. There’s power in numbers. However, the voice of one can move many. Your ability to stand strong and steadfast in spite of your fear may be the motivation for others to rally behind you in support.

No one wants to stand out. Especially for doing something as controversial as speaking while others are silent. However, it’s power moves like these that help us to get important issues off our chest and enact change in our lives as well as the lives of others. Stand tall and speak up. Dare to motivate others to do the same as a result of your shining example. There are many inherent benefits in learning to speak your mind with courage. Once you start this healthy practice, don’t stop.

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