It’s Not Going to be Hard to Switch to the Walmart Family Mobile

It’s Not Going to be Hard to Switch to the Walmart Family Mobile


I will tell you flat out, right now, it is going to be easy as pie to switch to the Walmart Family Mobile Plan I have been test driving for the last month or so. First of all, the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plan will save me over 100.00 a month #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias. That is a lot of moola! Talk about a cheap wireless plan. But it is more than that. A cheap wireless plan can be just that. Cheap, unreliable, and just plain bad. Or, in the case of Walmart Family Mobile, a cheap wireless plan can be inexpensive and more reliable than one of the big name brand wireless providers. How so you ask? Well let me tell you a little story my friends…..

As I am still locked into a contract with my wireless provider, I have both my original cell phone and my new myTouch from Walmart Family Mobile. I tried very hard to give the myTouch the work out it needed. I mean, I use my phone a lot! But, there are certain people and companies I deal with that just naturally call my old cell phone number. In one of those instances I was talking to a client about ad sizes in a local magazine…and my phone cut off. I looked down and it said “Call dismissed.” Um….I didn’t dismiss the call. I called her right back and was apologizing profusely and in the middle of my apology my phone cut off. Same thing, “Call dismissed”.  Ok now I am about to dismiss someone or something! Is this some sort of a joke?! Are you even kidding me? So, I immediately called her back, but instead of using my original cell phone, I used the myTouch from Walmart Family Mobile. The call was clear. It was not “dismissed”. And I was able to apologize for the second time without being cut off. PHEW!

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Unfortunately for my service provider, during my test run of  Walmart Family Mobile, my current service provider continued to “dismiss” calls. Did they knock down a tower somewhere near my house? Did they plant a canopy of trees that is blocking out cell phone signals from my current provider? Because that NEVER, NOT ONCE happened when I was using the myTouch from the Walmart Family Mobile. NOT ONCE. I eventually just put my original cell phone in a drawer. I was sick of dealing with it.  With four lines on my current contract and two of them up for renewal what do you think is going to happen? You got it! I am NOT going to renew my contract with my current wireless provider, instead, I am going to switch those numbers over to Walmart Family Mobile! Can you blame me?

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I mean, I have two kids in school with cell phones. If there is an emergency with either one of them at any time, do you think I want to take the chance of the call being “dismissed”? If so, you, my friend, are insane. My kids are my life. I need a reliable unlimited plan that is not going to cost me a fortune and Walmart Family Mobile can provide just that. It was super easy to view and pay my bill online and besides, with the extra savings (remember, once all four lines are over, it will save me $100 smackaroos a month!) the Walmart Family Mobile unlimited plans provide, we will have a little extra spending money and who doesn’t want that?

But inexpensive and reliability is not all Walmart Family Mobile provides. Once you sign you sign up for Walmart Family Mobile, you have even more options available. Like, I can restrict specific numbers that can be called! That’s awesome!

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Or what about restricting the time the phone can actually be used? Be still my heart. I fell in love with this feature. I mean, I do have a teenager and I think it’s awesome I can say, “No, you cannot make a phone call at 2 am!” and then, actually have the power BLOCK IT! AWESOME!

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Remember my Walmart Family Mobile Shopping Trip? Who knew that day was going to change the way I think about cell phone providers!

Cheap wireless + reliability + easy online access+ family controls = Me saying adios mi amore to my long term contract provider and Hello beautiful to Walmart Family Mobile!

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