Switching Unlimited Plans Isn’t as Hard as You Might Think With Walmart Family Mobile

Switching Unlimited Plans Isn’t as Hard as You Might Think With Walmart Family Mobile


Sometimes I hate change, especially when we are talking about switching unlimited wireless plans. I have been with the same cell phone carrier for 7 years (unheard of!) and while it is not exactly an unlimited plan, we are never charged overages because it is unlimited internet, unlimited texts, and free mobile to mobile (does anyone even have a land line anymore?!). But, I am paying an arm and a leg for this service and quite frankly am getting sick of it. I have two kids, one is going into high school and one into middle school (when did I get so old?) and everything they need or is required for school and after school activities is starting to cost more. I need to find a way to reduce some of my bills and if it means switching to a cheap wireless plan, I might as well try it out, right? I mean, cheap wireless doesn’t always mean bad if you know what I mean.

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When I received the opportunity to from Social Fabric #cbias to to check out Walmart Family Mobile #FamilyMobileSaves, I thought, this can’t hurt anything right?  But I was wrong. It did hurt…it hurt my feelings that I have been paying so much more for my current wireless plan, that is is possible, just possible, a tear might have dropped after I learned so much about  Walmart Family Mobile.

I headed off to my local Walmart to check out  Walmart Family Mobile.  Walmart Family Mobile are NOT contract plans. I love that fact in and of itself. With my wireless provider every time we upgrade a phone we have to renew a two year contract and it they make it almost impossible to get out of that contract with the prices they charge to get OFF the contracts.


Walmart – 1

My Provider – 0

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First, I checked out the prices. What exactly is included in Walmart Family Mobile?

For 29.88 you can get unlimited talk and text.

For 39.88 you get unlimited talk, text, and web! Are you even kidding me here?!

For my four lines on my current provider we get unlimited text, share 1500 minutes, and unlimited web for an average of $60.00 a line. Are you even kidding me? Someone knock me in the head for paying that much. And with four lines, if I added an additional three lines to my Walmart Family Mobile plan, it would be an additional 34.88 a month with the unlimited web option or 24.88 without the unlimited web option. Oh.My.Gosh. That is almost 100.00 is savings a MONTH by going to a cheap wireless plan. Do you know what I could do with an extra 100.00 a month, especially during Back To School season? Anybody ready to kick me yet?


Walmart Family Mobile – 2

My provider – 0

I mean, while I was in Walmart if I could have kicked myself I would have. But wait…do they have any decent phones go with it? I was really hoping the phone selection would be from the dinosaur ages because I did not want to continue to look like a fool.

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Oh no…..No…No…They even offered decent phones at that price. The phones Walmart Family Mobile is offering are comparable to the phones I can get on my service provider….without the contract! Walmart Family Mobile offers such wide variety of phones, that anyone who owns a cell phone would be able to shop here. From the basic flip phone all the way to the latest and greatest phones out there, Walmart Family Mobile has it.


Walmart Family Mobile – 3

My provider – 0 (They are not offering anything better than Walmart Family Mobile!)

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I selected the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plan along with the myTouch phone and the 25.00 Starter Kit. The Starter Kit gives you everything you need to get your phone activated! While you can activate your phone in the store, you can also do it at home. The Starter Kit gives you a standard SIM card, along with a micro SIM card and you insert the one required by the phone you purchased. Then you can go online and activate your phone following the super simple instructions on the Walmart Family Mobile  online account management and information site. It took me less than five minutes. Seriously. PLUS, there is NO activation fee. Seriously? Every time I upgrade one of my phones I have to pay not only for the upgraded phone, but a 35.00 activation fee. Oh.Em.Gee. I think I just felt a tear drop.


Walmart Family Mobile Plan – 4

My Provider – 0

Do you know how much I am cringing in pain realizing just how much money I am wasting? It is KILLING me that I have essentially been throwing my money down the drain. My hope is that while I am testing out the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plan with the myTouch phone I find that there is really no difference between the services provided. I mean, so far my provider is losing BIG TIME to the Walmart Family Mobile Plan, I think it is going to be hard for them to catch up, but we’ll see. If my provider loses in this test run, I can guarantee you switching unlimited plans will not be hard for me. At all.

Also, if you have a chance, check out my whole shopping experience in this Walmart Family Mobile Shopping Trip!

Check back with me in a couple of months to see how this test drive is going won’t you?

In the meantime, check this out! It is the SoFab Back to School Digital Magazine where you can find out more about what people are and you can join the conversation on twitter at
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