It’s Amazing What Can Happen When You Feed Your Dog the Correct Amount of Food

Seriously. I never even looked at the back of a dog food bag to see how much food I should be feeding my dogs, but since Rosie hurt herself and we found out she has to lose weight to get better I have been paying more attention.

Dog on a Diet

And let’s just say I was failing MISERABLY in the amount of food I should be feeding my dogs. Not to mention of course, that Rosie was eating the other dogs food as well!

All three of my dogs weigh different amounts:

Chloe 116lbs

Maggie 15lbs

Rosie 75 lbs (at her highest, but she should weigh a maximum of 65)

And I was giving each of the a BIG BIG cup (like 32 ouncer – bows my  head in shame) of food morning and night. WHOA. I was WAY OFF. Now, some dog foods differ, but they all say generally the same thing. And when I refer to a cup below – I literally mean a measuring cup.

This is how much I should be feeding my dogs:

Chloe (116lb dog) should be getting 5 – 9 cups a day

Maggie (15 lb dog) 1 1/4 – 2 1/3 cups per day

Rosie (feeding based on what she should weigh 4 – 5 cups per day

I am surprised I did not have three obese dogs running around!

I am happy to tell you, we have been diligently feeding the dogs their correct amount of dog food each week. I have also been keeping an eye on Rosie and when she is done eating, I make sure she comes with me somewhere so she cannot eat the other dogs food.

And guess what? In two weeks Rosie has lost an inch!!! Down from 34 inches to 33 inches!

Dog on a Diet

WOO HOO! Congratulations Rosie! You are on your way to a new svelte figure! And hopefully that will lead to your torn knee getting better!

Dog on A Diet

Keep on the lookout for the next update!

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