Top 20 Criminal Minds Quotes

Top 20 Criminal Minds Quotes

Here is a list of the top 20 Criminal Minds quotes.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are many quotes from Criminal Minds that I like and while I say this is the top 20 Criminal Minds quotes, you will probably see me share more and more Criminal Minds quotes!

Criminal Minds is in it’s 11th season, which is pretty good for a show. And while we have seen characters come and go, the latest being Shemar Moore, it always seems to bounce back. For example, when Mandy Patinkin left the show, I was devastated. I loved his character, but then ‘Hodge’ stood up and took his place in the BAU and I started to not miss Patinkin as much – Although, I do still miss him.

Criminal Minds, while sometimes spooky, is one of my favorite shows. The quotes at the beginning and at the end of the show always seem to wrap the show up in a pretty bow – regardless of if the show ends on a pretty note.

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