Puppy Play Time at Petco

Puppy Play Time at Petco



I am Minnie… a 5 month old Cocker Spaniel and found myself in a new house with Rosie, Chloe and the rest of the family! I have had a lot of new adventures, but one of my favorite things to do is go to Puppy Play Time at Petco!

I get to meet new friends.


Run with my friends.



Play with my friends.


Gossip with my friends!

gossip dogs

I am taught important lessons!


Sometimes they even have snacks!


But you have to “sit” in order to get a snack…I learned “sit,” “stay,” “leave it,” and more at Puppy Training classes at Petco!

I passed the first round of classes at the top of my class! Although, maybe that is because the other puppy in training with me didn’t show up to graduate…Maybe he couldn’t sit? Anyway, I will be starting my second round of Puppy Training classes in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait! My trainer Jason has the best snacks EVER!

Puppy Play Time is a lot of fun and by the time it ends, I am pooped!


You should check your local Petco for Puppy Play Time! IT’S FREE! Ours, in Concord, NC, is Monday nights. There are two Puppy Play times:

6:00 for the smaller pups

6:30 for the bigger pups

You have to have your shots up to date, you have to play well with others, and we always have a trainer with us!

You should really come out and meet me!


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