Is It My Fault I Don’t Know How To Park?

Is It My Fault I Don’t Know How To Park?

I am wondering, legally, whose fault this is?

I parked in a space and pulled forward so my truck was facing out.  I thought I pulled up far enough to clear the space behind me.

And I did….almost. The trailer hitch of my truck was in the space behind my truck but because I didn’t look, I had I know idea. I know…. #parkingfailure.

When I came back to my truck, I noticed the minivan was parked really close to my truck, so I checked….Yea…NOW I check.

And whoever parked this minivan ran into my truck. Well, not my truck, the trailer hitch. No damage was done to my tuck……

When I pulled out I could hear the my truck and the minivan being released from each other.

So legally…whose fault is this? Mine because I parked like an idiot? Or theirs because they ran into my truck?

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