I am Totally Renting My House for the DNC in Charlotte

Wow..I could make A LOT of money renting my house for ONE week during the Democratic National Convention!But actually, no, I will not be renting my house to some stranger.

For renting ONE bedroom and ONE bath out of a 3 bedroom house in my neighborhood someone is asking $2200!

What about a loft in Uptown Charlotte for $7000 – for THE WEEK of the Convention. Yes…a WEEK!

Or if you want to be in walking distance to the Convention Center you could pay $10000! Oh yea, let me just whip out that cash right now.

Half an hour away? Perfect – They will charge you $15,000 to rent their 4 bedroom house for the DNC.

Oh…but wait – for an additional bedroom (5 bedrooms), you could spend $25,000 to rent their house for the DNC!

Maybe I could put a cot in my garage and rent it for $1000 a night? If they are willing to spend that kind of money, surely they would be willing to rent a cot in my garage?

More ridiculous prices for rooms, house for rent for the DNC in Charlotte!

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