The Hottest Southern Fashions for Women

The Hottest Southern Fashions for Women

When you think of the South, the first things that probably come to mind are delicious food, charming accents and hospitable locals. The South is also known for its unique fashions, and many of the outfits and accessories that women here are known to wear can work great in many other settings as well. Here are a few typical Southern fashion pieces that you should add to your personal collection.

Floral Dresses

Most Southerners love the warm weather and enjoy celebrating it with their fashion choices. Casual dresses with floral prints are both comfortable and stylish and can brighten anyone’s mood. They can be worn to outdoor concerts and county fairs or more formal settings.

Derby Hats

Derby hats are not just for the Kentucky Derby. You can see many women in the South wearing them to all types of special events. These hats are usually adorned with ribbons, flowers and other decorative items to make them look as grand as possible. You can even try making your own Derby hat by dressing up a plain straw hat with freshly picked blooms and attaching some ribbon.


Just about anything goes in the South when it comes to jewelry, and there are many options that will work well with your Southern outfits. Eco-friendly jewelry from online jewelers such as Brilliant Earth will help you stay in touch with nature while looking your best. The rings, necklaces and bracelets in the Brilliant Earth jewelry collection and other online jewelry store selections are suitable for both formalwear and casualwear.


True Southern girls love their boots, and you can find many different styles that will help accentuate your personal fashion. Cowgirl boots are quintessentially Southern and come in full and ankle-high styles. Choose from attractive boot colors like brown, red and green. If you really want to show off some fashion flare, you can find boots that feature floral or American flag patterns or are adorned with fringe or sparkles.

Nautical Pieces

From tops and bottoms to bags and jewelry, nautical-themed fashion pieces are part of many Southern women’s wardrobes. Classic sailor girl pieces are always a hit. You can also find fashions with flamingo and cute crab motifs that will get your outfits noticed for the right reasons. Nautical outfits and accessories offer a taste of seaside fun even when you’re not near the ocean.


No matter if the weather is hot or cold, Southern women love their scarves and have no problem wearing them at any given time. Many classic Southern scarves feature attractive red and orange patterns. Pink, purple and blue also work well as color choices. Knit scarves are especially great to wear on cooler days. You can even find long shawl-style scarves that are comfortable to wear.

Southern styles give you the chance to experiment with different looks that can help you feel like a brand-new you. Whether you plan to visit the South or just want to add some spice to your fashion choices, wearing any of these pieces will enhance your personal style.


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