All Things Cloth – The Little Company That Could

All Things Cloth – The Little Company That Could

As you know, I just had the opportunity to visit Fancy Full Gifts, but what I haven’t told you yet is that within Fancy Full Gifts is a little company called “All Things Cloth”. And you can guess what they sell….Anything with cloth! But, it is much more than you could even imagine; lunch wraps and “snackies”, diapers, menstrual pads, coffee cup holders, and so much more.

Oh, I have so much to say, where do I start? All Things Cloth is owned by Kim who, as a stay at home mom, was always looking for ways to save some money, but at the same time, realized how much waste there was. She Started All Things Cloth to try and help people like her, who cared about saving money and the environment. She is the sweetest lady ever…When I went to visit her and Fancy Full Gifts (who just happens to be owned by her sweet Mom Janice) she was very upbeat and you could tell not only does she love what she is doing, she is super passionate about it as well.

As she was showing me all of her wonderful products, she even told me she likes to use packaging, if she uses it at all, that is biodegradable. So she shows me this:

Now, just forget for a minute how stinkin’ cute this is. And think about the “plastic” looking packaging it is in…You ask, “How can she use plastic!!! That will take years to disintegrate!!!” Oh…but it is NOT plastic. No. It is made out of corn…and I am so not joking hereCorn! Can you believe it!! I was literally speechless. Let’s say you take the cute little goodies inside of it and throw the packaging in the trunk of your car….Guess what happens? The packaging will disappear. Say WHAT! Yes! I know…I am still speechless over that. Is that awesome or what!!! Ok, back to her products!


Right now, I have several friends with babies and I think the tide is turning in that a lot of people are choosing to use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers now. Whatever you choose to do is OK with me, but if you do cloth diaper your baby, why not do it in style!

Check out these diapers! Made using diaper service quality diapers, your little babes bottoms can make a statement while doing something good for the environment.

Coffee Cup Koozies

These are really cute and really handy.

Lunch Wraps and Snackies

So, are you tired of using plactic bags every day? I mean, how many lunches do you make with how many bags?? A lot I bet if you are anything like me. Why not exchange those plastic bags with Lunch Wraps and Snackies? What an awesome idea!

Cloth Wipes

Use these for every day use. Made using Organic Bamboo or Hemp, these are the cutest, but always functional, cloth wipes ever!

Amber Teething Necklaces

All Things Cloth also has Amber Teething Necklaces. The necklace is not to be chewed on, but rather worn around the baby’s neck. Wearing amber close to the skin is said to help soothe and relieve pain. Please, please, please, please please, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE leave your baby alone and unsupervised with ANY necklace around their neck. The Amber Teething Necklaces are meant to be worn ONLY under close supervision.

After seeing just a few of the products All Things Cloth has to offer, don’t you think it’s time you made your way there? All Things Cloth has done exactly what it intended to do. Provide consumers to more ways to help reduce waste, while making beautiful, yet functional items we use every day. All Things Cloth is the little company that could.

You can find All Things Cloth at:

11237 Lawyers Rd.
Mint Hill, NC

(Located inside Homestyles Gallery & Specialty Shops, in the same area as Fancy Full Gifts.)

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