My New Favorite Store – @VersonaStores – Plus Giveaway!

My New Favorite Store – @VersonaStores – Plus Giveaway!

I was invited to the grand opening of the Versona Accessories store at The Shops at Rivergate South in Charlotte. I have never been to a Versona Accessories store, let alone heard of it, so I was pretty excited about checking it out. I mean, who doesn’t love a new accessory to brighten up your outfit, right? When I think of accessory stores, I think of those itty bitty stores in the mall, where everything is cramped together in a tiny little space, and you really can’t even move an inch without running in to a rack, or worse yet, and person so when I walked into Versona Accessories, I was kind of in shock. I don’t know about other Versona Accessories stores, but the one at The Shops at Rivergate South is HUGE! Plus, I wasn’t actually expecting to see so many clothing items available….I was in a good kind of a shock though.

I was given a small gift card to use while shopping at Versona, but I will tell you what…I went way beyond that gift card because there was just so much I wanted to get. Every time I turned around there was another piece of jewelry I wanted, another handbag, another scarf, and darn it….my daughter would kill me if I came home from this shop without something for her…she would be in Heaven at this store!

Hmmm… let’s say I will rate the following on a thumbs up or a thumbs down scale:




Customer Service

Variety – Major thumbs up. You can find everything you need at Versona Accessories for a night on the town, a day at work or school, or just hanging out. They literally had a wide variety of handbags, jewelry, scarves, and clothing for every occasion. Plus, there was even a section on home decor.

versona accessories

Cleanliness/Organization – I seriously do not know how they kept all the shelves looking so neat and tidy. It was absolutely clean. Thumbs up! Plus, I love the way the store was organized. It was like you could stand in one section, find an outfit and find the perfect accessories right there! Their displays on the wall showed a multitude of ideas on how to match different accessories to different outfits. Perfect for the person who has no idea what kind of necklace, scarf, or handbag that would look good with an outfit.

versona accessories, the shops at rivergate southTables were organized by color and style.

versona clothingOutfits were display with complementing accessories.

versona accessories and clothesOutfits and matching accessories were placed together for easy access.

Prices – Thumbs up! The prices at Versona Accessories were very reasonable. I was actually a little shocked by how low some of the prices were. I saw earrings starting at 4.99, headbands at 7.99, necklaces at 6.99 and more. While not everything is that in expensive, I was able to get my daughter this shirt, necklace and earrings for less than $30.00:

Versona Betsy

Customer Service – Years and years and years ago I worked in retail. And I absolutely hated it when the district office would tell us to “hound” people. Well, they didn’t use the word “hound” but you know what I mean. I want to walk in a shop, be greeted, and let me come to you if I need something or look like I want something. If you are following me around and won’t let me shop in peace…then I will leave no matter how great your shop is. At the Versona Accessories store at The Shoppes at Rivergate South, I was greeted when I walked in and asked if I was looking for anything in particular “No”….and to let them know if I needed any help. Good…good…followed all standard procedures…And I shopped and shopped and shopped…they offered me a bag because my arms were full, but still didn’t hound me. I saw several sales people who would say hello…but not hound me. Then I was stuck. I needed help with an outfit and accessories for my daughter….So I asked Casey for help.

She walked all over the store with me trying to find the right earrings to go with an outfit…and then when I changed my mind, offered her thoughts without being pushy and suggested different items to me. Thumbs up! Casey was an awesome sales person and never got inpatient with me and knew the merchandise in the store. Thumbs up! Check out what we ended up putting together:

Versona AccessoriesAll in all, I would definitely go back to Versona Accessories. Right now, it is literally my favorite store.

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Note: I received a gift card for my time. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are my own.

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