I Finally Met the Zman!

These days it seems like Greenville, SC is my second home. Every time I turn around I am traveling down there for one reason or another. This time however, it was for two special reasons. I was going to visit my sister, but on my way I was going to stop and have lunch with two of my favorite people.

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However, I have never met these people…in person…but I felt I knew them already without ever having seen them face to face. These two people were Kim and Zack Hix (the Zman himself!). You know, the infamous mom and son duo behind Good Boy Roy?  Zack, who is 15,  designs the characters behind the Good Boy Roy graphic t’s. And his mom, Kim is his champion fighter!

I “met” over the summer when I had the opportunity to review on of Zack’s t-shirts. Once I read the history of Zack and Good Boy Roy I knew one post would not be enough, so my review ended up being 3 posts! Since then Kim and I have talked and texted on the phone and Good Boy Roy even sponsored me for the Brandcation event in November!

But nothing compares to meeting them in person! When Zack first walked in, he politely shook my hand and we proceeded to sit down to lunch. I was truly in awe of Zack. He was one of the most polite, respectful teenagers I have ever met! We talked about the t-shirt, Soccer Chicks, that he designed especially for my soccer team and then he whipped out his cell phone and showed me funny pictures of his dogs. Now that is my kind of kid!

I was honored to have the chance to meet them in person and hope our next visit will be even longer!

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