And The Results are IN – What Untangled Salon Did For Me!

And The Results are IN – What Untangled Salon Did For Me!

As you know I went to Untangled Salon in Cornelius Wednesday…and I, of course, am a big baby about my hair because NO ONE LISTENS TO ME…EVER!

What I try to explain:

My hair is really brassy on the bottom half…the top half is my natural color with highlights…and I want them blended. I wanted the darker pulled to the bottom, I want some “edginess,” but not too much, and I don’t want corn yellow hair.

What most stylist apparently are apparently hearing when I am talking:

“Wah…wah..wah..” (In my best Charlie Brown adult voice).

What they are thinking when I am talking:

“I am going on a date tonight…What did this chick sitting in my chair say? What am I going to wear tonight…Did she say she wanted yellow hair? Whatevs….Oh I love this song…..”

And then they proceed to do whatever to my hair…I just suck it up and deal with it because I am tired of sitting in that chair listening to her talk about her dating schedule…how busy she is….how her boyfriend sucks…and how she wants to leave work early. Well, I just want to get the heck out of her chair and NOT COME BACK. EVER. Needless to say…I was not expecting much from Untangled Salon.

My Before Picture

See…corn yellowy…just kinda like…hello…I am what. Blah.

Then I went into Untangled Salon and the receptionist greeted me immediately and offered me something to drink…Wine? Oh sure I might as well, it might ease the pain of seeing the damage they are going to do to my hair….But then…something happened. Courtney, my stylist, sat me in the chair, asked what I was looking for, and when she repeated what I said…with some suggestions of her own…I about fell out of my chair. WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Did she really just hear what I said? Hmmmm…maybe I don’t need that wine after all.

I don’t know how long Courtney has been doing hair, but at Untangled Salon, it is all about learning new techniques and keeping up with the latest styles and products, while making their customers happy. Since my hair was pretty much a total mess colorwise, Lori, the owner of Untangled Salon came over and gave Courtney some tips on how to take care of my freaky hair. Because there was so many different things happening on my head of hair, they had to make sure when they pulled some of the natural color down, that it was the same color….What I learned – If they used the same color from the top of my head to the bottom, my hair would STILL be two different colors…just two different colors of brown. So they did what they called a “butterfly” foil (I think that is what they called it) where they put one color on the darker part of my hair and a different color on the lighter part of my hair. Holy moly. Imagine that….they wanted my hair to blend properly. They wanted my hair to have some depth. They even asked how often I wear my hair in a pony tail in order to see what needed to be done in the “under part” of my hair. Say what???REALLY? Awesome!

Then, poor Courtney had to get started. In total, she used 4 custom blended colors on my hair. I say “poor Courtney” because she had a lot to do to my hair…a lot. But as I sat there, she and I talked. She was engaging, but not pushy. She let there be “quiet” between us sometimes and I appreciate that, because I don’t need to be talking for two hours. She read me like a book. And that, my friends, is awesome. There was a lady sitting next to me getting red and auburn in her hair…from a white blonde…and she was talking up a storm to her stylist. Her stylist was chit chatting back and they were having a grand time. It was awesome to see a stylist so engaged in conversation with her client. And then, she starting chatting with Courtney and I…It was like we were all kicking back, relaxing together…although Courtney was working her tail off. Courtney could read me in that she knew how much conversation I needed, how much interaction, and I appreciated that.

Side note – The client that went from white blonde to red and auburn highlights looked BEAUTIFUL when she was done.

While I was sitting in my chair, I watched as Lori taught some of the stylists how to use the “Spa Capsule”. Man! I wish I had done that. Get my hair done, have a massage….That would have been awesome. I saw Lori engaging all of the customers who walked in, not just her own. As I sat there, a gentleman walked in off the street, got his hair done, a young girl walked in and wanted Courtney to do her hair…sorry chica!!! Courtney was busy with me. And everyone seemed happy. The clients, the staff. Kind of weird because in a lot of salons I have visited there seems to be an air of tension….But not at Untangled Salon. Everyone was happy and helping each other.

I also learned some of my hair had been fried off my head. Seriously. My hair is thin…like baby thin…And Lori asked me if anyone had ever sat me under a dryer to lift the highlights in my hair…Ummm…every.single.time...But apparently with my kind of hair…you should NEVER do that. And the last person who did my hair sat me under a dryer for 20 minutes…and fried my hair off my head…Hey..I need every strand of hair I can get, please don’t fry it off.

When it was time to rinse that color out of my head….I sat there in heaven…I think the best part of getting your hair done is the hair washing. Can I just come back and have you wash my hair every day? Seriously.

Then Courtney got to work. She would not let me see my hair while she was trimming it and styling it. UGH. But I kept seeing this one strand of REALLY BROWN hair and I was thinking my entire head was brown. But other stylists were walking by telling me it was looking good. But was it? Was I still corn yellow? Did I look like a poodle or beauty queen???

So, she turned me around in my chair…and there was pink in it!


Here, Here…I am serious now…This is what Untangled did!

Didn’t Courtney do an excellent job?

No corn yellow…no poodle or beauty queen here.

I was seriously happy because, after years of people not listening to me, or not caring what I said, Courtney and Untangled Salon made me happy.

And look at the detail in the color of my hair. That’s freaking awesome!!!

Would I recommend Untangled Salon in Cornelius? Absolutely.

Would I recommend Courtney as a stylist? Absolutely.

Will I go back when I am supposed to? Absolutely.

It’s finally time for me and my beautiful hair to say goodbye.

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*Note: I received a complimentary color and cut to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own…and I am seriously thrilled with the customer service and color and cut I received from Untangled Salon.


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