Think Twice Before Purchasing the Calming Comfort Blanket on their website

Think Twice Before Purchasing the Calming Comfort Blanket on their website

Seriously. Think twice before purchasing the Calming Comfort Blanket on their website (

Before purchasing the Calming Comfort Blanket on their website,, I would suggest you look around your brick and mortar stores for it or Amazon. Which is so surprising to me because it is ‘brought to you by The Sharper Image, which I used to think was a reputable store.

I cannot say what it would be like to actually use the Calming Comfort Blanket, but it looks like purchasing the Calming Comfort Blanket on Amazon, it looks like it is LESS expensive on Amazon AND you don’t have to wait weeks and weeks for it (if it even shows up) – Amazon offers 2 day shipping!

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I flipped my lid today. I saw red. Maybe because I did not fall asleep until 6 am today? And I have been waiting for that stupid blanket to show up? Hoping it does what they say it is going to do.

I have not slept well for a while, but since having surgery, it has been 0 – 4 hours a night. Ugh. So during one of those mini infomercials, I saw the Calming Comfort Blanket. I went to their website and thought, yep, that is a lot of money…But I am desperate!

So, I purchased it November 2.

Immediately received an email saying they would let me know when it shipped.

Checked my email today, November 12 and it had a “Track Shipment” update!! YEA!!! It was coming!!!!

I clicked the tracking number and much to my dismay it said, “Shipping label created”. Ummm. What? After 10 days you have only created a shipping label???

I went to the website…and wouldn’t you know it? Trying to find their phone number was like trying to find a needle in a haystack (bad sign, am I right?)

Ahhhhh, but this chick doesn’t give up. I am going to find the answer I am looking for.

I found the phone number, called and spoke to a customer agent, let’s just call him Gus.

Me: Hi, I ordered the blanket on Nov. 2 and the tracking # only shows the label has been created.

Gus: Oh, well, we are backlogged due to holiday shopping (me to myself: on Nov 2? I don’t think so). All tracking systems are down.

Me: So you haven’t shipped it after 10 days?

Gus: No.

Me: When do you expect to ship it?

Gus: We don’t have a date yet.

Me: Then please cancel my order, I can walk into a store and buy it tonight or buy it on Amazon and get it in 2 days.

Gus: Sorry, we can’t do that. It is already in processing.

Me: Oh, you mean you created a label for it?

Gus: Yes. But for your inconvenience, we can refund the shipping cost.

Me: No. You have no idea when the blanket will arrive. That blanket was WAY to expensive to be dealing with this. I will just call my bank and the BBB so your other customers don’t fall into the same trap I did.

Gus: I can transfer you to my manager.

Me: No, I don’t need a manager.

Gus: Hold please.

Manager: Hi, I heard you wanted to speak with me? (me to myself: Oh>My>Gosh…seriously???)

Me: No, I didn’t. Gus just transferred me. Are you going to be able to tell me when my blanket will arrive or refund my money?

Manger: No.

Me: Thanks, I will just have my bank take care of it.

CLICK!!! If I could hang up more than once, I would have!

I proceeded to dispute the transaction with my bank and report them to the BBB.

Seriously folks, unless you want to wait around and HOPE if you order from THEIR website that the blanket will show up, or you are willing to wait who knows how long for it, I highly suggest you think twice about purchasing the Calming Comfort Blanket from their website. I am not talking about Amazon or any other retailers, just THEIR site.

I will step off my soap box now.


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