July is National Ice Cream Month – And We Are Celebrating!

July is National Ice Cream Month – And We Are Celebrating!

I don’t think it could be hotter than it has been lately…300 million degrees outside….500% humidity…it is almost impossible to cool off. Seriously.

And after the day we had yesterday, well, we sure did deserve to be cooled off. Stuck in a truck with no air conditioning, you might as well just have me sit on a hot plate all day.

Luckily, we were able to cool down with some treats from the Unilever Brand of products – Popsicles and Klondike Bars!

Sam enjoyed a Klondike Bar in Mint – YES MINT! My FAVORITE!


And Betsy enjoyed a Popsicle!

Klondike Bars come in a wide variety now – Dark Chocolate, Heath, Krunch, Double Chocolate, and of course Mint! You can usually find these on sale in a grocery store and because of their large size, you can easily split a Klondike Bar and be able to share it with two people!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many flavors or choices Popsicle has now. Betsy just happened to be enjoying the Marvel Super Heroes Popsicle (in Iron Man!). With Vitamin C and being Fat Free, it’s hard to go wrong with Popsicles!

So, go ahead – Cool yourself down with some sweet treats from Unilever!

It’s National Ice Cream Month! Enjoy!

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