Transaction Denied = Me Blowing a Gasket

So, here we are Betsy and her little friend, walking around the grocery store picking out the ingredients for a new (and AWESOME) recipe. Happily picking things off the shelves, no worries.

I am checking out and after swiping my lovely ATM card, the dreaded words “Transaction DENIED” come up…in front of everyone…and of course it is announced to the world my ATM card won’t work…including Betsy’s friend.

I KNOW I have money in the bank. KNOW. A few choice words want to come out of my mouth, but I hold back and say, “Just help someone else, let me try this ATM”. At the ATM machine, once again – “DENIED“. My blood pressure is starting to rise at this point.

I call the bank, and imagine that…the message says “We are experiencing a large number of calls and your wait will be at least five minutes.” UGH. So I am standing, in the grocery store ON HOLD, while my frozen food slowly defrosts.

The bank rep finally comes on and says “How can I help you?”

I respond “Well, you denied my transactions and I have money in the bank.”

Bank Rep “Well it looks like your ATM card was blocked.”

Me – “Why?” Surely I haven’t spent over the daily limit..oh yea..I haven’t spent ANYTHING today!

Bank Rep – “Well, your card number was compromised”. In other words, a hacker got a hold of a bunch of accounts and mine just happens to be one of them!

Me – “Can’t you just unblock it for 5 minutes so I can pay for my groceries?” Its 9 million degrees outside and my truck has NO air conditioning.

Bank Rep – “No. You should have received a new ATM Card by now. It is sitting in your mailbox. Do you have a plain white envelope at home?”

Me – “Um, I already got my mail today. How do you know what is in my mailbox this minute? And NO I do not know if I have a plain white envelope – I AM AT THE GROCERY STORE. How am I supposed to get these groceries?” (To feed the little girl who is spending the night with my daughter for the first time!!!)

Bank Rep – “Go to the bank.”

Me – “The banks are closed.”

Bank Rep“Use your husbands ATM.”

Me – “He doesn’t get off until 11:00 PM.”

Bank Rep “Go to the bank tomorrow.”

Me – “So you are telling me there is no way to get my groceries using MY ATM card that YOU never even told me was cancelled. WOW.”

So, we hop in the smoking hot truck and head home to look for the ATM card they said they sent. Hmmmm….what do you know? There is no ATM card, there is no letter from my bank…NOTHING.

Luckily, I had some cash stashed and we headed BACK to the store. On my way I called the bank again.

Me – “Cancel the card you said you sent me. You didn’t send it to me and I need a new one.”

Bank Rep“OK”

Me – “But why wasn’t I informed? And who was it comprised with? What company?”

Bank Rep – “We can’t tell you the company and we cannot call you. We sent you a letter.”


A long time customer at this bank, I get inconvenienced and embarrassed because someone could not at least CALL ME to let me know THEY blocked my ATM card out of NO FAULT of my own.

MAJOR FAIL on the banks part. MAJOR FAIL!

*Although I do appreciate them watching out for me, it would have been nice if they told me…instead of me finding out the hard way.

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