I Took One For the Team & it Shows

Oh yea.

On my stomach…and on my shin.

Oh yea.

You see, I am the goalie on The Green Team at Strikers Soccer in Huntersville, NC Women’s league. As the goalie it is my job to stand there and have balls kicked at me, block them from entering my goal, and pray I don’t get killed in the process.

Ask my teammates, I don’t pray…. I squeal. Seriously.

“If I squeal loud enough that ball will magically make a left and not come at me.”

Yea Right. And it just so happens…I had one kicked straight to my gut tonight…I didn’t have time to squeal, thus the magical squealing words did not move that ball away from me…It hit me….hard…in the gut.

Whoa…Someone, I don’t know who, on my team asked “Are you ok?” and I replied in the last breath I had in me…”Yea..I just can’t breath (cough cough)“. And the game continued.

We were playing “The House” team and there was a girl on that team had a kick like a freaking cannon ball. I swear I saw fire come from the ball when she kicked it. And guess what? That same girl was shooting AT ME!

“What did I ever do to you?”

Oh wait…that’s a stupid question..I am the goalie on the OPPOSING TEAM. Well, like the “tough” girl I am (hahhhaha!) I don’t wear shin guards. I mean who needs them? It’s not like someone is going to kick me while I stand in the goal right?  Ummmmm….well…I have been kicked in the shins while I have been in goal so that was another stupid question.

But apparently I don’t learn from my mistakes and the Fire Starter (that’s the girl with the kick like a cannon ball) takes a shot at me. All eyes are on me…can I stop it?

The crowd is silent. (What crowd?)

You can hear a pin drop….

except for me and my squeal that is

…and BAM!


Oh yea…that is going to leave a mark.

In all seriousness though, I love playing at Strikes on the Women’s League on Friday nights. If you want to join us, it is a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter the level of play/skill you have, we have people who have been playing for years…and just days. So come on out and ask for me..I’ll hook you up with a good team.

Hey…I will even let you take a shot on me!

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