Holy Brain Training Batman! At Learning RX North Charlotte

Holy Brain Training Batman! At Learning RX North Charlotte

One random afternoon, I headed over to LearningRX in the Edison Square Shopping center. A week before I missed the Grand Opening (bummer!), but I needed to get the grand tour you know? What is LearningRX? At LearningRX, they help students of all ages, even adults, train their brains.


LearningRX exposes each student to a customized series of intense mental workouts. To perform these workouts, the brain is forced to strengthen, reorganize and even create new neural pathways. In other words, brain training “rewires” the brain to perform more efficiently than ever before.

While I was getting the grand tour, I happened to mention to David Henderson, the Director, that my short term memory was awful. Seriously. Awful.


Where was I?

Oh yea, that short term memory thing.

So after mentioning that I thought my memory was awful, Brian sat me down and we played a series of ‘games’ that, if I were one of his clients, would be used to help train the brain.

Let’s just say…I was very correct in saying my short term memory is awful. While I didn’t “fail” the tests, it did show me, I really do need to do something about this memory of mine. It wasn’t the fact that I had a hard time with these tests, it showed me how much fun brain training can be at LearningRX. These “games” are meant to be fun. They aren’t meant to knock you done when you make a mistake, they are meant to lift you up as you grow. HIGH FIVE! I got a high five! WHOOP!


So who really can benefit from brain training at LearningRX? Anyone really including:

ADHD & Attention Issues

Autism & Other Syndromes

Career Adults, College students

Gain a competitive edge

Struggling Students


and so many more!

I know, personally, I learned, I,  a “something-age” lady, could learn a lot. More about Brain Training at LearningRX:

Why would you invest your time, money, and emotion trying to improve learning and reading abilities and not take advantage of the most effective training program possible?
LearningRx brain training is tested, proven, and—because of the amazing gains it consistently produces (over twice that of the nearest competitor)—it’s a great value.
LearningRx brain training is available only through LearningRx Brain Training Centers. Call your local training center today.


Want to learn more about Brain Training at LearningRX?

Check them out!

And follow their Facebook page – They have some pretty awesome information on there!

10030 Edison Square Drive NW
Concord, NC 28027
(704) 499-8888

Check out their facility here!

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