I Just Received a Sign from My Mom – I Think

I Just Received a Sign from My Mom – I Think

When my Mom passed away last year, I immediately started looking for signs that she was watching over us. She was “red” to me. Meaning, if I think of a color that reminds me of her, it is red. So when I saw red skies, I said “Hi Mom”. When I saw a red cardinal, I would say “Hi Mom”. Even my kids started doing it when they saw red skies and red birds. It warms my heart. But lately, I have been wondering, is she really there looking at us? Is she here with us? Maybe I have been watching too many episodes of “Long Island Medium,” but I seriously wanted to hear from my Mom…in some way shape or form. I even went as far as to look up how to make an appointment with the “Long Island Medium”.

Now back up a couple of days. When I went on my Brandcation – Blog Cabin trip there were event sponsors. Some sponsors gave food, some toys, but there was one I was really interested in looking at and it was a gift from Lou Babs & Moogs. They gave us Flying Wish Paper.

Along with the Flying Wish Paper was a note that read:

“I’ve selected this gift item for you because I believe everyone should have the opportunity to take part in this little piece of magic. …you will certainly have the perfect message for your wish paper! Then, when you light it up and watch it fly away – you’ll see that it’s really a message with wings; one that takes a journey above and beyond to help your dreams come true. Such a fun little gift and yet so full of promise!”

I don’t think they realized what I was going to wish for. I made three wishes, my kids each made one. I don’t know what their wishes were, and I will keep two of mine a secret. However, on one sheet of paper I wrote, “Please let my Mom show me she is here with us.

We followed the instructions.

We lit the paper.

And watched it burn.

Until the very end, and then, it flew.

And flew.

And kept flying.

My wish about my Mom had just flown away….My kids and I enjoyed lighting the rest of our wishes and watching them fly. And with so much hope and fun rolled into a gift, I just knew I was going to have to check out the other gifts Lou Babs and Moogs had to offer, but was also going to be keeping the Flying Wish Paper on my list of favorite gifts because it does have such a special feeling behind it.

After all this….do you remember that I told you red skies and birds remind me of my Mom? And remember my wish – Please let my Mom show me she is here with us.

Yesterday afternoon I was working away on my computer and I smelled the familiar smell of my Mom’s house right after she did laundry. I know what kind of laundry detergent she used, and I don’t use it. I smelled my shirt, that smell was there. I did a double smell because I couldn’t believe it, but it was no longer there…

Then last night, this is what I saw when I looked up.

This morning, this is what I saw when I woke up.

Let me preface this by saying, we don’t have a lot of people on our walkway, essentially just my family and I. Tonight, I was walking into the house after going to the store and stepped on something in our walkway.

I looked down, and this is what I found. A bell.

My Mom collected bells.

I think I received a sign that my Mom is here watching us. Maybe the Flying Paper Wish was coincidence, maybe it wasn’t. Either way, I just received a sign from my Mom that I will never, ever let go of.

I love you Mom, thank you for showing me you are still here with us.

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