Find Your Next Meat Rub at the Charlotte Farmer’s Market

Find Your Next Meat Rub at the Charlotte Farmer’s Market

So Betsy and I headed off to the Charlotte Farmer’s Market off Yorkmont this morning. Yea, kind of a hike for us, but it is HUGE! The Charlotte Farmer’s Market has several buildings where you can buy just about any fruit or vegetable, organic grass-fed beef, cheese, free range eggs, oh and….some really wonderful meat and vegetable rubs. Who knew? Not me.

We get the usual, asparagus, cherries, green beans, peaches, tomatoes, blah…blah….walk around the corner and I happened to see some meat rubs. I just used up the last of my Kentucky Meat Rub I got in Kentucky (obviously) last year and was itching to try to find some more spices to use on meat and vegetables. I walk over and this very nice lady starts asking me what I like, spicy, sweet, rosemary…Oh, I don’t know…just show me the best sellers.

She had me sample two, which I promptly bought. One was sweet, with a little kick at the end, and the other had rosemary in it. Wow. I could not wait to get home, put one of the rubs on some chicken and the other on some veggies and potatoes, so that is exactly what I did.

I added one of the rubs on the chicken, then, added asparagus and cut red potatoes with a pat of butter and the other seasoning to aluminum foil and wrapped it tightly and put it on the grill.

Then I thought, “Well, why the heck don’t I use the other red potatoes with the green beans and use the spicy rub?” I added green beans, cut red potatoes, a tiny but of water and the spicy rub in aluminum foil and put that on the grill as well.

As my yummy dinner was grilling, I started cleaning the kitchen and got the rosemary blend rub wet.

And I spilled half of it.

🙁 Super sad face.

Now I have no idea what it is called.

Possibly Roast & Steak Rub?????

meat rub, charlottes farmers market

Luckily, I know what the other one is called – Brazilian Steak House!

AND, I know where I can get it…the Charlotte Farmer’s Market!

meat rub, charlotte farmers market

You can get it too! I found the website, Bernice’s Tea & Spice Online Store, and it indicates they are at the Charlotte Farmer’s Market every other weekend (I guess I came on the right weekend!).

Or, you can just contact them on their website….or “like” them on Facebook…I did….because I L.O.V.E. the spices I tried. I cannot wait to try their bread dips, dips, and other rubs!

I can’t help but wonder, was I speaking with Bernice herself this afternoon? If so, I would love to be able to tell her our chicken with her rub (that I don’t know what it’s called and I spilled half of it) and our grilled asparagus, green bean, red potato with was DEE-LISH-US!


meat rub, charlotte farmers market


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