Wings and Rings at Buffalo Wings & Rings in Charlotte? Yes, Please!

Wings and Rings at Buffalo Wings & Rings in Charlotte? Yes, Please!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. Totally my own…and while you could not see the mouth watering going on, the party in my mouth which were the wings that caused the mouth watering was also my own….and my kids. 

So you want my family and I to spend time together at a restaurant called Buffalo Wings & Rings in order to enjoy chicken wings or wings and rings? You presented me with an offer I could not refuse… would you be able to refuse it? Seriously! With a preteen and a teenager, sometimes getting in one place at one time can be a nightmare….unless of course it has to do with food then everyone just happens to be available…imagine that. Thank you #WingsandRings and #CollectiveBias for giving my kids a reason to hang out with us parents! We headed down to Buffalo Wings & Rings in Charlotte, where, I personally, was looking forward to eating some wings and rings. How can you say no to wings and rings?

buffalo wings, rings and rings charlotte


Buffalo Wings & Rings in Charlotte is a wide open restaurant with a bar set in the middle, an outdoor patio that was being used for a youth group playing music on the night we dined, plenty of booths and tables that were not crammed together (I like my personal space now!), and so many big screen tv’s with different sporting events I could not decide which to watch! I think if there was a sporting event on, Buffalo Wings & Rings would have it on!

ringa and rings

Buffalo Wings & Rings had the perfect combination for sports enthusiasts and families. There were sports playing on every tv, yet there were games the kids could play. Music was playing, but it did not drowned out a conversation. There was a bar in which adults could sit, and big, comfy booths where families could sit and enjoy the food and atmosphere, even the big buffalo head on the wall! HA!

wings and rings

We were greeted immediately when we walked in by a very nice hostess and sat immediately as well. The manager Chuck came over and introduced himself and all I can say about our waitress, Julie, is that she ROCKED!

Menu and Food

Oh my gosh. I totally and seriously had a REALLY hard time picking anything off the menu. So much to choose from, yet my stomach couldn’t hold all I wanted to try! Buffalo Wings & Rings does not just serve wings and rings, there was a myriad of other foods to choose from including burgers, salads, gyros, sandwiches and the list goes on and on.

buffalo wings and rings menu

I was most interested in hearing about the wings. There were so many varieties and sauces and cooking types, I was thrilled that our waitress Julie explained them all and even gave me suggestions (it’s awesome to get suggestions when you can’t make up your mind or want too many -ha!).

1. Pick the type of wings you want: They had traditional bone in wings, boneless wings, and tenders.

2. Pick if you want them grilled or fried.

3. Pick the sauce – oh so many to choose from – some I had not even seen before. Heaven!

4. Pick the heat – From “Mild” to “Atomic” you pick the heat of your wings…as a big wimp, you can imagine what I chose.

5. Wait for the deliciousness to come out of the kitchen.

So what did we decide? Both my kids decided on burgers (seriously??!!). I knew if they ordered burgers, they were going to want to try something else, so I put my thinking cap on. Mel got the Classic Gyro (seasoned gyro meat, grilled and served with red onions, tomatoes and cucumber sauce, wrapped in grilled, soft pita bread)  and the Parmesan Garlic Aioli Fries. Oh…I knew I was in trouble. He didn’t order wings. He was definitely going to be sampling mine. I got the boneless, fried wings in Garlic-Q and Garlic Parmesan (breath mint anyone?), with mild seasoning. We also ordered wings as a starter and a serving of homemade bacon mac’ n cheese. Phew. That should do it.

First to come out were the rings.

rings and wings

WAIT! Let me get a picture before you all eat them!

rings at buffalo wings and rings

As you can see…there was a fight over the last one….YUM!

last ring at buffalo rings and rings

no more rings at buffalo wings and rings

The Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese was next….well, holy moly. That was delicious! It only went around the table once before everyone devoured it.

bacon and cheese mac

The Classic Gyro and Parmesan Aioli Fries were devoured in a matter of minutes.


The Garlic-Q and Garlic Parmesan boneless were were absolutely delicious. I had to share…sad face. While both were very good, Reece and I liked the Garlic Parmesan wings the best and Mel and Betsy liked the Garlic-Q boneless wings the best. I am so glad Julie recommended the Garlic Parmesan wings, if it hadn’t been for her, I would never have tried them.

buffalo wings and rings wings

save garlic q

Dessert….really….did we need dessert after all this food? Probably not…but we HAD to try the Turtle Lava Cake…chocolate…ice cream…chocolate…pecans…chocolate…need I say more?

It was here one minute.

Turtle Lava Cake

Then it was gone.

turtle lava cake gone

Overall Experience

I do believe Buffalo Wings & Rings can have their cake and eat it too. While not a sports bar, it is not a family restaurant specifically either. They were able to successfully blend the two types of restaurants in order to please a wide group of people. The atmosphere was great, the staff was awesome and the food was delicious. I only have one question left.

When can I go back?

For more information on Buffalo Wings and Rings, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


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