Dominex Veggie Fries – Thumbs Up!

Dominex Veggie Fries – Thumbs Up!

Recently we had the opportunity to try out Dominex Veggie Fries and while I did not pair them with a meal, I served Dominex Veggie Fries as an afternoon snack to Reece & Betsy.

They can be baked or fried, but I decided to bake them. Without telling the kids these were “veggie” fries, I said “Your fries are ready!” – I wasn’t lying! I served them the Dominex Veggie Fries with some light Ranch Dressing on the side and waited in the corner like a spy so I could see their reaction when they first tasted them.

Reece took one bite and looked at me like “What in the world is this?“. I told him it was a new kind of “fry” I was trying and asked if he liked them. Being 12 years old, he is a picky eater, especially since he is used to the regular “french fry” taste, and was kind of nervous to hear his answer.

He said “Yea..they are pretty good,” then when back to his conversation with Betsy. SCORE! Reece and Betsy continued to eat the Dominix Veggie Fries and continued to ignore me – a good sign they liked what they were eating!

About Dominex Veggie Fries:

“Our all-new Veggie Fries are a crunchy, flavorful alternative to the traditional French fry or onion ring and are a hearty addition to any meal.

With 65% less sodium per serving than the leading brands of French fries and 4g of dietary fiber, all-natural Veggie Fries are a super side-dish boasting nutritional benefits and terrific taste.

A batch of Veggie Fries can be baked or fried in less than 15 minutes and make a great side dish, mini-meal or snack for any time of the day. “

These are definitely a keeper in my house and next time I will pair them with a meal!

Reece gives Dominex Veggie Fries and BIG THUMBS UP!

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