Three Benefits of Getting a Walk-In Shower for an Elderly Person

Three Benefits of Getting a Walk-In Shower for an Elderly Person

By design, a walk-in shower is easier to get into and out of than a shower with an average design. The special design fulfills all of the basic requirements of a shower while providing older individuals with an extra element of safety. Take a look at three of the benefits of elderly showers.

Allows Seniors to Maintain Their Independence

The majority of seniors want to live in their own homes as long as they can without needing a great deal of daily assistance from others. When a senior has a walk-in shower, it may allow the person to remain living in his or her own home instead of moving into an assisted living facility. As an example, this type of shower is helpful to seniors who are having challenges with maintaining their balance. They don’t have to lift their leg to step over an edge in order to enter or leave this type of shower. It reduces the chance that the person will slip while entering or leaving the shower. Not surprisingly, this contributes to a senior’s feeling of security throughout the process of bathing.

Gives Seniors and Their Families Peace of Mind

Most grown children with elderly parents have some level of concern about them. This is especially true if the grown children live in a different state or across the country from their aging parents. They may be especially concerned for the safety of their parents during the bathing process. But, with a walk-in shower, grown children can enjoy peace of mind about the safety of their parents as they go through the bathing process. This type of shower gives seniors the extra help they need as they move through their regular bathroom routine.

May Add to the Value of a Home

There is a chance that installing a walk-in shower may add to the value of a home. If the house is ever for sale, the walk-in shower may appeal to another senior who is looking for a new home or an individual with a physical condition that makes it difficult to step over the rim of a shower. In short, more than one owner of the home may appreciate a shower with a special design.

Finally, this is a simple addition to a bathroom that can make a world of difference in the life of a senior.

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