Decorate Your Front Door For Fall

Decorate Your Front Door For Fall

How to decorate your front door for fall!

I am really not creative, so if I can decorate my front door for Fall, so can you!

Fall is announced by not only the changing of the leaves, but also your front door, porch, or patio. Looking for ideas on how to decorate your front door?

Decorate Your Front Door For FallIdeas on how to Decorate your Front Door For Fall

Fall Foliage

Use both real and fake fall foliage to define your porch.

Use leaves to frame your door, display colorful mums.

Use your imagination! Mums don’t have to be planted in traditional pots. Use decorative tins, bottles, or anything else to help the color of your mums pop! We used different sized tin buckets.

Pumpkins & Gourds

Also a people pleaser, use different shape pumpkins and colorful gourds to add texture to your front door. Again, put the small gourds in an “out of the ordinary” container. We used a large candle holder and just stacked them.

Bales of Hay

Use bales of hay to add height to your front door. Smaller “fake” bales of hay can be purchased at most craft stores.


A fall wreath will define your front door. Look for some-thing out of the ordinary, or if you are creative, make one yourself.

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