Dear Cancer, You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide From HomeTown Heroes

Dear Cancer, You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide From HomeTown Heroes

Dear Cancer,

Lock your doors. Shut your blinds. You can hide that ugly little head of yours, but HomeTown Heroes will find you. Hometown Heroes will find you and put a smile on the face of children you have attacked. It will be a battle – I can guarantee that. But they don’t battle with guns – They choose smiles, hugs, and laughter as their weapons of choice.  And I know you can’t stand that.

They fight with happiness and smiles. Happiness children affected by cancer feel when HomeTown Heroes come roaring into their neighborhoods to show how much they care.

Did you see them last week Cancer? Were you shaking in those ugly boots of yours? You should have been. For you see, HomeTown Heroes rallied the troops and put a HUGE smile on a little boys face.

All he wanted as an iPad. That’s it. And with his Dad standing by his side, HomeTown Heroes roared into his neighborhood with 25 motorcycles and a few cars and presented that wonderful little boy an iPad. Yes, they made that little boy happy.

He smiled.

HomeTown Heroes – 1

Cancer – 0

He laughed.

HomeTown Heroes – 2

Cancer – 0

He was Happy.

HomeTown Heroes – 3

Cancer – 0

So Cancer, you lose this battle. And HomeTown Heroes will do everything in their power to make sure that not only do you lose every battle you choose to fight – but they will work their tails off to make sure you LOSE THE WAR!


All HomeTown Heroes Supporters!

If you want to help be a part of this family called HomeTown Heroes, you can find them on the web or on Facebook.

If you want to see HomeTown Heroes in action AND help a good cause, join them June 25th at The Race for HomeTown Heroes at Concord MotorSports Park! Click here for more information!

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