Catfish on MTV…..Have You Seen It?

Catfish on MTV…..Have You Seen It?

There is this new show called Catfish on MTV. Yes, I still watch MTV occasionally. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but I do. So now we know, I am too old to be watching MTV, but I do it anyway…ha!

Anyway, I was flipping around a few nights ago, no not somersaults or cartwheels, I was flipping channels and found this show Catfish on MTV.

Here is the premise. The show finds couples that have only been communicating online with each other. Then the show somehow brings the couple together.  All these couples ever had was an online relationship, they have never met in person. So clearly, we want to know – Has one of them been lying about who they really are? Catfish, the show, finds out for us!

YES! This is really a picture of ME! See the blonde locks?

The first show I saw, was this girl, who if I can remember correctly was a stripper exotic dancer (is that the politically correct word?) who had been communicating with some hot guy. They were in love. They planned on being together. The guy had a rock hard six pack. Seriously. She thought he was HAWT! But in all the time they had been communicating, they had never met. Had never video chatted (have they heard of Skype?). Not once. And the guy supposedly lived in the same city.

OK, OK, that picture above wasn’t really me…But this is! Don’t you recognize my spots?

So Nev (the host of the show) and his film partner go searching deeper into this guy. They find the photos he had been giving to her on someone else’s Facebook page. Blah Blah. They do their research. Finally! The two love birds meet in person. And what do you know. The photos this guy sent her are NOT him. The girl is no longer interested in him because of his looks. He is significantly larger than the pictures he sent…and well, he was a liar plain and simple. That ended that online affair.

OOOPS! Sorry, that picture above really isn’t me…But this is! I love my silky black hair!

The show I watched last night was really just sad in so many ways. This girl was IN LOVE. They showed the messages on her phone. This “guy” was supposedly in love with her too…She was a single mom, really young I think, I don’t even know if she was 20, and boy, you could tell she really liked this guy. He was there for her (mmmmkay). They had been communicating for two years, after she broke up (or was broken up) her boyfriend. But, again, they lived in the same city, but he always found an excuse not to meet her, always working, always with his kids, and they only talked on the phone TWICE for very short periods of time.

OK, this is where I want to bang her head for her…WHAT? Seriously. WHAT?

So then, it is time for this “couple” to meet……and I just want to cry or hide for this girl when I see what walks out the door. It’s a GIRL. A girl she knows. A girl that was just messing with her. A girl that just wanted the other one to stop bothering her boyfriend. Man…I want to crawl UNDER a rock and dig a hole to China for that girl.

It is me! It is me! I promise!!! (fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed)

Learn your lesson girls and boys….people can hide behind ANYTHING online. If they won’t meet you, well not that I am encouraging that either…., but if you see a red flag, look at it, grab it and run the other way…seriously.

Ok, you caught me…Here is a REAL picture of me….Or is it?



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