Breast Cancer Awareness Happens All Year Long

Breast Cancer Awareness Happens All Year Long

Breast Cancer Awareness Soap

During the month of October, pink can often be found everywhere. Athletes wear pink uniforms and products have pink ribbons to show support for breast cancer awareness. Shirts, hats, and other pieces of clothing are sold to raise money for breast cancer awareness. When October ends, then pink is not seen as much. The support for breast cancer awareness continues all year long, however, as organizations continue working to support breast cancer research efforts.

Organizations Never Stop Working

There are many ways to help fight breast cancer. Raising awareness, donating to help advance research, and helping those who have been impacted by the disease are all important. Education to patients and their families is also an essential service. Many organizations and programs exist to accomplish these goals, and the Breast Cancer Society works hard to produce events that raise not only awareness but also funds to help those who have been affected by breast cancer. These events take place throughout the year and are a way to have fun while contributing to a worthy cause.

breast cancer eventsBreast Cancer Events

Many types of events have been created to support those who are trying to put their lives back together after a breast cancer diagnosis. While clothing and product sales can be an effective way to generate donations, events that donate registration fees can also be a popular choice. A color dash is popular event that uses colored water to leave participants covered in tie-dye fashion. As participants pass by event coordinators, they are covered in the colored water. The color dash is not timed and is a fun activity for those who wish to run or walk. Participants can have a great time and donate to a worthwhile cause at the same time.

color run dashPhoto: Maxwell Arnold, Flickr

The Impact of Charitable Work

When a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer, the patient’s entire family may find themselves in need of support. Patients and their families may have questions or need guidance. Financial worries may also exist. Turning to an organization that can help through referrals or direct assistance can be a great help for the patients and their families.FAMILY SUPPORT FOR BREAST CANCER

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