Book Review of Losing My Sister by Judy Goldman Carolina Author

Book Review of Losing My Sister by Judy Goldman Carolina Author

Book review of Losing My Sister by Judy Goldman Carolina author.

Keeping with our theme of reading Carolina authors, this time we read “Losing My Sister, A Memoir” by Judy Goldman. At the start of the autobiography the reader learns that Judy and her sister Brenda may be diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time. The reader is then taken backwards into Brenda and Judy’s childhood. As children Brenda and Judy are so inseparable that their friends and family come to know them as “BrendaandJudy.” Judy, the younger sister, looks up to Brenda, idolizes her and strives for her approval and love.

Later in the autobiography the sister’s parents become ill and each sister has their unique ways of handling the illnesses; ways that do not always coincide. As a result, their relationship starts to fray. Judy had always thought that her and her sister had a perfect relationship, but begins to wonder how perfect it really was. Was this relationship all in her head? Ms. Goldman writes so beautifully that the reader feels like they can actually picture her thinking about the relationship she has with her sister. Over the course of the book Brenda and Judy’s relationship has many ups and downs and Judy learns things about herself that she hadn’t realized previously. In the end, the sisters reunite and their relationship is stronger than ever. “…Goldman speaks to every woman who has ever loved a sister and every person who has ever lost a loved one.”

Judy Goldman is the author of two novels, Early Leaving and The Slow Way Back, two poetry collections, and Losing My Sister – a Memoir. Her work has been published in numerous literary journals. Ms. Goldman was born and raised in Rock Hill, SC, but currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband.

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