Things are OK – Until They’re Not

For a good 6 months last year “Mimi” went from doctor to doctor from test to test to find out what was wrong with her. Eventually it was determined she had cancer. But a biopsy could not be done because of where the cancer was located. At that time, the doctor said, “Sorry there is nothing we can do.” Are you kidding me? You cannot imagine the emotions I was feeling – anger, sadness, hatred, fear, panic, and so many more. And I wasn’t even the one diagnosed with cancer.

But then, one doctor stepped up and said, “I will try to do the biopsy, I am not going to let this go without a fight”. I wanted to kiss him I was so thankful. The biopsy was performed, the kind of cancer was determined, and chemo was started immediately. When Mimi first started chemo, it really knocked her down. She didn’t feel well. But did you ever hear her complain? No. Never. Not once (at least to me).

As time went by, you could see she was feeling better and better. She went back to work part time, she was telling stories to my kids while they cracked up at her expressions. In July, it was determined Mimi could have a break from chemo because her scans showed a huge reduction in the disease. And like her, we were all so happy and relieved.

Things are OK, until they’re not.

About 4 weeks past, and Mimi started to feel bad again. At this point everyone was hoping she was just sick, had a touch of the stomach flu. Unfortunately, yesterday the doctor confirmed her disease had progressed rapidly. It took everything I had not to stand up and punch that doctor in the nose. And I like that doctor a lot.  But he was there, sitting there, and I wanted to take all my anger out on him. I was seeing red for all the anger I had for Mimi not being cured. I was seeing blue for the tears that were stuck in my eyes that I refused to let fall.

And I looked at Mimi. And there she was, stoic as ever. Head held high. What was going through her head? That beautiful, classy lady being told she must go back on chemo to get a hold of this disease. And she did not cry. She listened as the doctor told her he wanted to start chemo this week. It was that important.

When we left the doctor, you could tell Mimi was a little taken aback. She is tired of feeling like crap. I don’t blame her. She even said she was tired of fighting. But honestly, looking at Mimi you would never know she was sick. I reminded her how well she did on chemo and, despite some of it’s side effects, Mimi did feel much better while she was on chemo. She went to work, played games, made dinner, and even became a Twitter addict.

I hope that Mimi knows how many prayers she has on her side. That Reece, who I was told yesterday by a friend is an “old soul,” has been praying for Mimi morning and night. That although God may have the final word, I think he listens to Reece. And Reece and Betsy want to continue to laugh at Mimi’s stories, play Pictionnary with her, and continue to try and figure out just who is the Rummicube Champion.

Mimi is a fighter and I believe she still has some fight left in her. Never let go of hope. There are miracles everyday and I expect one for Mimi.

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