Some People Just Shouldn’t Own Animals

I have three dogs. All adopted. All mine. They will live with me until they go to that Great Rainbow in the Sky. However, I am appalled at how many people are attempting to giveaway their dogs and cats on Craigslist.

Having a pet is a lifelong commitment. Whether you consider your pet part of the the family or a possession,  it is still a lifelong commitment. “Changing your mind” after 7 years should not be an excuse. “Ready for a change” should not be an excuse. “Moving” should not be an excuse. Period.

If you chose to buy or adopt an animal, unless it is dangerous you should keep it. If you can’t keep it for whatever reason, find an alternate way to find it a new home besides craigslist.

If you are going to buy or adopt a pet, keep it. Take care of it. Do not throw it out like a piece of trash. If animal shelters have to euthanize hundreds of dogs daily, what makes you think you can get rid of your dog?

For current pet owners  – Spay and neuter your pets so the puppies and kittens they have don’t end up with idiots like these on Craigslist:

5 Year Old Dog

“Family is growing and time has become almost minimal for one on one time.”

Actually, dogs like to be a part of a “pack”.


“free kitten and litter box very playful he will b going to animal shelter next week”

That will be a dead kitten, why did you even bother?

6 Year Old Dog

“I am looking for someone to take care of my precious Cici. She is very loving and well manered. She is house broken and will sit, or give paw. She loves to be go for a ride and loves to be petted. I simply can not take care of her anymore. She is great around other animals, although I would prefer if she could be an only child. There is no re-homing fee, just looking for the perfect person for her.She is about 6 yrs. old”

Adult dogs are very hard to adopt out.

1 Year Old Dog

“We are devastated that we have to find him a new home because we love him so much, but I know he will make another family very happy who can provide him with lots of love and attention. Small rehoming fee of $200.”

$200 rehoming fee? Surely that cash in your pocket will make your “devastation” hurt a little less. Pffft.

9 month Old Puppy

“Weighs 20 pounds. Re-homing of $100.oo for vaccines, spay & vet care. This pup WILL go to Animal Control in 3 weeks if not adopted.”

Nice. Expensive rehoming fee with the threat of going to the pound which could possibly mean death for the pup. Nice.

6 Year Old Cat

“Sweet loving cat, fixed and up to date on shots. Indoor only, she is very loving and a great cat! I am moving and unable to take her.”

A very popular excuse – “I am moving”.

9 Year Old Dog

“Relocating and I want my 9 year old male chihuahua “Bailey” to go to a good home.”

9 year old dog will be almost impossible to rehome.

4 year Old Dog

“4 yr. old Sharpei for small rehoming fee. Loyal and protective dog. Must have fenced in yard. looking for a good home. I am so sad to have to let her go but I have been laid off and am a single mother who can not afford the upkeep and attention she deserves.”

This is a new one. Now the owner will be home too much. And actually, if she had looked around there are plenty of organizations that will help you feed your pet.


If you don’t see a pet as part of your family originally, there is a good chance you will get rid of it sometime in your life.  It’s expendable.

Like I said, spay and neuter your pets so the babies don’t end up with this kind of person.

Some People Just Shouldn’t Own Pets.

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